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“Smothering Darkness” Cyst Mission In Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Just a step away from the Khvostov 7G-0X!


  • In “Destiny 2: The Final Shape,” the cyst mission unlocks after players complete the main campaign.
  • Smothering Darkness is a mini-activity that is a part of the questline involving Micah-10’s Alone in the Dark quests.
  • Smothering Darkness Cyst mission in Destiny 2: The Final Shape initiates from The Impasse of the Pale Heart.

Destiny 2 new expansion, The Final Shape, offers various quests, challenges, and exciting activities for the players.

Iconoclasm and Ascent are some of the main quests of this expansion, and Slayer and Sword Dance are some of the mini-challenges called Cyst missions.

Smothering Darkness is a cyst mission in Destiny 2: The Final Shape, part of the Alone in the Dark’s Lost in Darkness quest line.

Beat Kelkirs In Smothering Darkness” Cyst Mission Of Destiny 2

The Smothering Darkness mission starts from the Impasse of the Pale Heart, where players must rescue five Ghosts and defeat the boss.

Follow the Light Bird And Rescue The Ghost

Once you are in the location, you must interact with the Light Bird and enter the Transgression.

Light bird in Destiny 2
Interact with Light Bird to start the mission. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After interacting with the Bird, you must find the five ghosts scattered around the area.

Follow the Navigation Diamond bar to find the ghost; once you find the first ghost, it will lead you toward the other.

Navigation bar in destiny 2
Follow the diamond Navigation. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you have rescued the required Ghosts, you can activate the Smothering Darkness Cyst.

Defeat The Boss

After you rescue the ghost, you must head towards the Cyst area, where you will encounter different enemies.

Lightbearer Knight, Acolytes, and Blistered Knight are enemies you will face in the area.

You must fight with them and proceed towards the boos Kelkirs, The All-Seeing at the end.

the boss in Destiny 2
Defeat the boss to progress. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you Defeat the Boss, Micah-10 will congratulate you and ask you to return home with the ghost you have collected.

Get The Encryption Bit

After you defeat the boss, you need to look for the encryption bit, which will help you get the Khvostov 7G-0X.

Therefore, you must search for the large Pink Crystal, which will lead you towards the Encryption Bit.

encryption bit The final shape
Collect the encryption bit to get Khvostov. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Before making the exit, drop below near the crystal and stick to the wall to find a small dead-end path.

There, you will find the Encryption Bit and prismatic reward leading your way toward the Khvostov 7G-0X.

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