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Solar Eclipse Casts A New Light On The World Of Monopoly Go

Adapt, strategize, and emerge.


  • The Solar Eclipse has cast a new light on the world of Monopoly Go.
  • The Solar Ecplise was a busy day in Monopoly Go on April 8th; a lot of events took place.
  • Adapt, strategize, and emerge victorious in this celestial clash of capitalism.

The world has gone dark, but the opportunity to build your empire has never shone brighter, welcome to Monopoly Go: Solar Eclipse.

However, the Solar Eclipse has cast a new light on the world of Monopoly.

Thus, seize the opportunity, overtake your opponents, and become the ultimate tycoon in Monopoly Go: Solar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipse Event In Monopoly Go

April 8th seems to have been a day packed with opportunities to earn rewards and progress in Monopoly Go.

The Solar Ecplise was a busy day in Monopoly Go on April 8th; the following events took place:

5-Minute High Roller

The event occurred daily from 3:00 AM PT to 6:00 AM PT, constituting a 3-hour window.

During this event, “rolling dice” took place. Players were able to “earn in-game rewards”, however, these rewards were “increased” incomparison to standard or regular gameplay.

“High Roller” targeted more engaged or high-activity players within the Fountain community.

However, the chance for potentially greater rewards was a time-limited, recurring opportunity.

High roller monopoly go
Event targeted towards more engaged or high-activity players.

20-Minute Cash Grab

The event occurred daily from 6:00 AM PT to 9:00 AM PT, spanning a 3-hour window, with the core gameplay lasting for 20 minutes.

The event primarily focused on acquiring in-game cash or “Monopoly money,” as indicated in the description.

Players motive was to earn or collect the platform’s in-game currency during this limited time; the event was rapid with intensive gameplay activity.

Thus, players were able to rapidly earn in-game currency performing tasks, challenges, or other mechanics.

Monopoly Go Cash grab
Event may have involved some kind of rapid or intensive gameplay activity.

20-Minute Wheel Boost

The event consisted of a 20-minute window within a 3-hour daily period (from 9:00 AM PT to 12:00 PM PT).

Initially, players performed “spinning a wheel”, which is a common gameplay mechanic in various games and platforms.

After spinning the wheel, players earned the following rewards or boosts, such as:

  • Extra dice rolls
  • Multipliers for rent or other in-game currency collected
  • Temporary power-ups or advantages

In the “Wheel Boost”, rewards or boosts were enhanced or amplified compared to the standard gameplay.

Similar to previous events, this 20-minute Wheel Boost was a recurring, time-limited opportunity for players to potentially earn valuable in-game benefits.

wheel boost
There was enhancing of rewards or boosts in comparison to the standard gameplay.

12-Hour Board Rush

The event lasted for 12 hours, running from 12:00 PM PT on a specific day until 12:00 AM PT the following day.

This event was to encourage players to actively engage in game throughout the entire 12-hour duration.

Players performed specific tasks to accomplish on the game board to earn rewards such as: in-game currency, items, or other benefits.

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