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“Solitary Crusade” Quest In Wuthering Waves To Find Out Backstory Of Yinlin

 Uncover the hidden past of Jinzhou Patroller.


  • Solitary Crusade is one of the quests of Companion Stories in Wuthering Waves.
  • The Companion Stories in Wuthering Waves is an exciting feature that explores the backstories of the game’s characters.
  • The “Solitary Crusade” quest will be unlocked in a limited banner event called “When Thunder Pours,” starting on June 6, 2024.

Wuthering Waves provides various stories, characters, events, and quests for the players to enjoy the adventure gameplay.

Main Quests, Tutorial Quests, Exploration Quests, and Companion Stories are gameplay mechanics players can enjoy.

Besides “Solitary Crusade,” Pastures like Old Times and Boat Race in the River are some of the quests in Companion Stories, which tell the story of the character Jiyan.

“Solitary CrusadeWill Be Featured In Upcoming Character Event Convene Of Wuthering Waves

Yinlin is the 5-star Electro Rectifier character in Wuthering Waves, offering a “Solitary Crusade” quest in action RPG.

Yinlin is currently unavailable in the gameplay, while other characters like Lingyang and Jiyan are part of Companion Stories.

The character Yinlin will debut in a limited banner event called “When Thunder Pours,” which will start on June 6, 2024.

when thunder pours wuthering waves
Participate in the “When Thunder Pours” event of Wuthering Waves. ( Source: Screen Plays Mag)

During this event, players are guaranteed to get at least one 4-star higher rarity item for every 10 convenes, and one 5-star resonator for every 80 convenes.

Further, the Solitary Crusade is part of this event, providing the backstory of Yinlin and her adventure journey.

This quest will take you on a journey with Yinlin, a mysterious undercover agent with unclear morals. 

Solitary Crusade promises a story filled with scary discoveries as you move deeper into Yinlin’s character.

Use Yinlin’s Skill To Complete The Upcoming Quest “Solitary Crusade

Yinlin is one of the female characters in Wuthering Waves, with various skills like Magnetic Roar and  Zapstring’s Dance.

She uses Puppet “Zapstring” to execute up to four attack segments, causing Electro damage to the opponent.

Players can combine the following skills of Yinlin to complete the Solitary Crusade quest in Wuthering Waves,

Basic Attack: Zapstring’s Dance

Players can utilize Yinlin’s basic attack to provide heavy Electro damage to the enemies during her mission.

Remember, her puppet “Zapstring” can simultaneously perform up to four attack segments.

Resonance Skill: Magnetic Roar

Activate this skill to place the Magnetic State on Yinlin, enhancing her basic attack and dodge counter.

Wuthering Waves Solitary Crusade
Combine Yinlin’s skills to win the fight. ( Source: Screen Plays Mag)

These skills will be helpful for the players while dealing with groups of enemies.

Inherent Skill 

There are two types of Inherent skills with Yinlin that can be used by the players while moving on with the quests.

Pain Immersion and Target Focus are the inherent skills that can be used to increase Yinlin’s survivability and damage output against the enemy in the quest.

Furthermore, players can combine these skills effectively and achieve victory in the Solitary Crusade quest.

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