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Solve Puzzle To Turn On Electricity In Wuthering Waves

Search a lighting source.


  • Electricity in Wuthering Waves is a key resource that powers the game’s various aspects, such as weapons and echoes.
  • “Find a way to turn on Electricity” in Wuthering Waves is one of the Rewinding Raindrop quest’s objective.
  • It requires players to use their problem-solving skills to solve a puzzle involving batteries of various colors.

“Wuthering Waves” is a recently released action RPG that offers players the opportunity to explore an expansive open-world universe. 

Wuthering Waves offers different tools, resources, and quests for the players to enjoy the gameplay.

Electricity, Waveplates, and Crystal Solvents are some of the useful resources in the gameplay of Wuthering Waves.

Find A Way To Turn On Electricity” In Rewinding Raindrops Quest Of Wuthering Waves

“Find a way to turn on Electricity” is one of the objectives of the main quest “Rewinding Raindrops” of Wuthering Waves.

Players must find a battery puzzle and restore electricity in a specific area through this mission.

The puzzle is located in the room of Huanglong I – Act V section of Wuthering Waves.

Electricity room
Enter the room and search for batteries. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Therefore, when you enter the room and search for the clues there, you will find two clues for the mission.

Get The Hologram Clue

One of the clues is the Hologram of a Male Researcher, which you will find in the room, standing in front of the bookshelf.

Similarly, you will find a second clue in the same room: another Hologram of a Male researcher talking with another female hologram.

Hologram Clue
Gather the clues from the Holograms. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After collecting all the clues, you must search for the battery parts and solve the puzzle to turn on the electricity.

You will find the battery parts spread over the area, which you must collect and join to turn on the electricity.

You will find batteries of different colors; thus, you must try different batteries to solve the puzzle and turn on the electricity.

Collect the batteries. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Therefore, after successfully turning on the electricity, you will complete one of the objectives of the Rewinding Raindrops task and get the following rewards;

  • Medium Energy Core x
  • Union EXP x30
  • Astrite x20
  • Shell Credit x6000

You can use the collected rewards to enhance your skills and upgrade your weapon for better gameplay.

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