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Squad Deco In Brawl Stars, Clash Of Clans And Other Supercell Games

Supercell's promotional scheme for Squad Busters.


  • Squad Deco is not an addition to Supercell’s any globally available games including Brawl Stars.
  • The decoration item is only exclusive to Squad Busters, which is launching on 29 May 2024.
  • Players will get the decoration item once Squad Busters reaches 40 million pre-registrations.

Squad Deco is one of the decoration items in Supercell’s upcoming game, Squad Busters.

The item is displayed in all of Supercell’s games, including Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach, and Hay Day.

The Squad Deco token’s involvement confuses thousands of fans, who feel it’s a new addition to every game.

Squad Deco Token In Supercell’s Brawl Stars

Squad Busters is one of Supercell’s upcoming games, and it will be released globally on 29 May 2024.

However, the Battle Arena has already been launched in eight countries: Singapore, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Mexico.

You get free rewards and bonuses for pre-registration via the official site or through any Supercell games.

Moreover, if players fulfill Supercell’s Milestone objectives, they will receive rewards if they have Early Access or install the game after its global release.

Squad Busters Reward list and milestones.

Players get rewards for various milestones for each game including Random Star Drops, Squad Pin, and Shelly Skin in Brawl Stars.

After hitting the 30 million pre-registration milestone, the developers have added another milestone of 40 million with an Exclusive Deco Reward.

Will Squad Busters Reach 40 Million Pre-Registrations Before May 29?

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Squad Deco Only Exclusive To Squad Busters

Including the decoration item in every game is probably a promotion scheme for the Squad Busters.

Squad Deco is the only common item displayed in every Supercell Game; however, it is exclusive to Squad Busters.

supercell squad busters
Pre-register Squad Busters for a chance to get Squad Deco.

Players will get the item only if the game hits 40 million pre-registrations before the release date.

Moreover, players will only have one month to claim the reward if the milestone is complete.

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