Stand On Top Of Scroll If Azsharan Prophecy Is Bugged In World Of Warcraft

Scroll cannot be yours.

Azsharan Prophecy Bugged
The Azsharan Prophecy Scroll cannot be picked up, as it throws a message that someone else is currently picking it up.


  • Ashenvale Mission VIII: Recover Azsharan Prophecy, is a quest where players need to recover a lost scroll.
  • The lost scroll needs to delivered back to Field Captain Hannnalah.
  • The quest is currently bugged with players not being able to pickup the scroll.

The Azsharan Prophecy, a unique item that binds upon pickup, currently experiences a bug in World of Warcraft.

Players encounter a bug while playing the mission to recover the Azsharan Prophecy; they cannot pick up the scroll regardless of proximity.

However, players have believed that it is not just Prophecy but every lootable quest faces bugs and glitches.

The Azsharan Prophecy: Exploring Into Secrets Of Royalty And Adventure

Azshara, the queen of naga, rules from the underwater city of Nazjatar, a new zone that came out with patch 8.2.0.

Despite the similarity in names, the Azsharan Prophecy is not named after the Queen or related to her in World of Warcraft lore.

However, Azshara, a beautiful coastal zone, cloaked in eternal autumn on the eastern coast of Kalimdor does.

Moreover, The quest, Azsharan Prophecy entirely happens in Ashenvale.

The Azsharan Prophecy: A Quest Of Simple Intrigue

Recover the Azsharan Prophecy in Ashenvale: Mission VIII requires stealth, cunning, and courage amidst ancient ruins and lurking dangers.

Players need to recover it from the Ashenvale Nightmare Incursion from the small tent in Satyrnaar and return to Field Captain Hannnalah.

Map of Satyrnaar
Map of Satyrnaar in World of Warcraft (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

However, as per the description of the quest, as demons are constantly distracting us, the Emerald Dream turns into a nightmare.

Players are required to travel swiftly through the Emerald Dream Portal in Bough Shadow.

Furthermore, players must retrieve the lost scroll, the Azsharan Prophecy, and deliver it to Field Captain Hannalah.

The Azsharan Prophecy Bugged In WoW : Understanding The Issue And Simple Workarounds

Players find it impossible to click on and loot the lost Azsharan Prophecy scroll because it is overcrowded and probably bugged.

The community of World of Warcraft being huge has also found out that it is all lootable quest and not just Azsharan Prophecy that is broken.

The community is demanding to let others loot the scroll even if others are doing so on their screen.

Scroll of Azsharan Prophecy
The scroll of Azsharan Prophecy scroll can be found in a tent in the location. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Moreover, the message reads “Someone else is looting this” even if they are alone in that room.

However, to fix this issue, you can try the following:

  • Head out of the tent and come back in
  • Let the crowd pass and go in when you are alone in the area
  • Stand on top of the scroll and click on it

If this doesn’t work, you will have to wait for Blizzard’s official fix when they acknowledge the issue.

The Azsharan Prophecy: Discovering The Quest’s Rewards

Upon completion of the Ashenvale Mission VIII: Recover Azsharan Prophecy, you will receive 44 Silvers.

Moreover, players will also receive other experiences and reputations.

Players will receive the following upon completion of the quest:

  • 5,150 Experience (Original)
  • 7.200 Experience (Season of Mastery)
  • 75 Reputation with Emerald Wardens


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