Use Stratagem Resupply Code In Helldivers 2 To Replenish Ammunition And Grenades

Never run out of ammo.

helldivers 2 resupply code
Use resupply codes to regenerate utilities.


  • Resupply Codes act as an instant support for Helldivers during the battle.
  • Unlock the Stratagem using 4000 requisitions and reach rank 3 in Engineering Bay.
  • The code for Resupply is Down, Down, Up, Right button.

One of the critical features of Helldivers 2 is the use of stratagems, which are special abilities you can activate by entering a code.

The resupply code is one of the most valuable stratagems. It allows you to replenish your ammo, grenades, and stims.

They also prevent you from spamming the Supply Pack and make you manage your resources wisely.

Resupply Code In Helldivers 2: Stratagem For Ammo

Resupply code allow you to call in various support items and abilities during missions in Helldivers 2.

The code for resupply can be trigerred using Down, Down, Up, Right. You can use this code to call down a supply drop during a mission.

The resupply stratagem has a cooldown time of 70 seconds, so you can use it frequently if you run out of ammo.

helldivers2 code
You can use a resupply stratagem frequently if you run out of ammo. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

One of the most common and valuable stratagems is the Supply Pack, which replenishes your ammo and grenades.

To use the Supply Pack, you must enter a four-digit code on your controller or keyboard, randomly generated each time you play.

Significantly, Resupply codes add a layer of challenge and realism to the game. Regardless, you have to memorize and input them quickly while under fire. 

Use The Supply Pack Stratagem To Resupply Utilities

The Supply Pack stratagem is a valuable tool that allows you to replenish your ammo, grenades, and those of your teammates.

To use the Supply Pack stratagem, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Equip the Supply Pack stratagem in the loadout menu by unlocking it.
  2. Reach Level 3 in Engineering Bay and spend 4000 Requisitions.
  3. Call down the Supply Pack by entering the stratagem code on your controller or keyboard.
  4. Pick up the Supply Pack and carry it on your back. You can only use it if you are low on ammunition.
  5. To resupply yourself, press 5 on the keyboard or down on the d-pad on the controller.
  6. To resupply your teammates, approach them and press E on the keyboard or A on the Xbox controller or X on the PlayStation controller.
  7. Once you use all four supply crates, call another Supply Pack after a 480-second cooldown or use a Supply Drop to refill your pack.

List Of All Stratagem Codes In Helldivers 2

Stratagems are special abilities you can use to support your team on the battlefield.

They are activated by entering a code using the directional buttons on your controller or keyboard.

Here is a list of some of the stratagems and their codes:


The code for reinforcement strategies is Up, Down, Right, Left, and Up. Generally, this stratagem allows you to call for backup from your Destroyer ship.

However, you can use it to revive fallen teammates or summon new ones.

Reinforcement is used to revive teammates. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

SOS Beacon

The codes for SOS Beacon are Up, Down, Right, and Up. This stratagem sends a distress signal to other players online.

You can use it to request help from other Helldivers who can join your mission.

SEAF Artillery

The code for SEAF Artillery is Right, Up, Up, Down, which usually fires a robust artillery shell from your Destroyer ship.

However, you can use it to damage enemy targets or structures.


The Hellbomb codes are Down, Up, Left, Down, Up, Right, Down, Up.

Generally, this stratagem detonates a nuclear device that destroys everything in a large radius.

Significantly, you can use it to complete certain objectives or as a last resort.

Super Earth Flag

Super Earth Flag codes are Down, Up, Down, Up. This stratagem plants a flag that represents your allegiance to Super Earth.

However, you can use it to boost your morale and show your patriotism.


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