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Supergiant Games Includes New Faces In Hades 2 With Romance Options

Not every bond will be romantic.


  • While Hades 2 is still in early access, the developers assures that players can develop deep relationships with new different characters.
  • The game allows freedom to create bond with any character, engage in activities to improve relationships and unlock romantic scenes.
  • Players can share a bath scene with charcaters including Hecate, Odysseus, Nemsis and Moros.

Developers at Supergiant Games have taken the romance aspect seriously to make Hades 2 more reflective of real-life relationships.

Hades 2 sets new norms for virtual romance, allowing players to form deep and lasting bonds with various individuals.

As the game is still in Early Access, we can expect more features and mechanics with its official release.

Developers Expanded The Romance Options In Hades 2

Hades 2, indeed, has a romance option; the developers have expanded this feature from the predecessor that lets players create bonds with their companions.

Players must create bonds by interacting with different characters. However, they can also do activities with other characters to build up their relationships, like in the bathhouse or fishing.

These activities unlock specific romantic scenes between your character and the ones you want to pursue.

Since the game is still in Early Access, some features may not be available to players; nevertheless, players will have romance options once the game is fully released.

Hades 2 romance options
Players have to create a bond by interacting with different characters. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Contrarily, the developers are working to provide romance options to make it more like real-life relationships.

Romance With New Faces In Hades 2

Developers have included the romance options in Hades 2, but as it is in Early Access, the characters to romance are still not revealed.

However, there is the confirmation where players can create a romance with the other characters.

For the full list of romance options and features, players must wait for the game’s official release or even further updates by the developers.

Previously, in the Hades 1, players could romance Dusa, Thanatos and Megaera by giving them gifts of Nectar and Ambrosia and completing certain tasks.

romanceable character hades 2
Players can expect a wider range of romanceable characters. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Similarly, for Hades 2, players can expect a wider range of romanceable characters, such as Melinoe, who can flirt with Odysseus and Nemesis, including some new faces.

Engage In Certain Activities To Romance In Hades 2

Usually, players need to interact with other characters to romance but in the Hades 2, there’s further development compared to its previous one.

Activities: Players can engage in activities such as bathing in the bathhouse or fishing with Hecate, Odysseus, Nemesis, Moros, Dora, and Eris.

Bonding: Players can form bonds with friends; however, not every bond will be romantic; interact with Dora and Schelemaus. Regardless, performing certain activities will trigger romantic scenes.

Liberation: There’s freedom in the game, where you can participate in bonding activities with any character.

Scenes: Some romantic scenes will be available when you successfully build a bond or relationship with other characters.

Tavern Interactions: There’s a rumor in the gaming community that bringing characters into the tavern will level up your relationship status, but this is still under development as the game is in Early Access.

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