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“Sword Dance” Cyst Mission In Destiny 2 To Defeat Hives

Carve your way through the caves.


  • Sword Dance is a cyst mission in the expansion, consisting of enemies including Urtokk and Ir Haza.
  • Once you defeat them and clear the path, you can get Engram and complete the quest.
  • Completing Sword Dance Cyst mission can also help unlock “Convalescence: Greenery” quest.

Sword Dance is a cyst mission in Destiny 2: The Final Shape that unlocks after players complete the main campaign missions.

Completing the cyst missions, including the Sword Dance, Searing Light, and Slayer, will provide Khvostov Exotic.

The main-mission location is in The Refraction, The Pale Heart, which is the expansion new location; however, you should head to The Landing First.

Sword Dance” Cyst Quest In Destiny 2 To Beat Urtokk And Haza

If you make your way to the Landing zone, you should follow the northeast direction that leads to the cyst location.

sword dance destiny 2
Sword Dance mission starts at The Refraction. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You can take the assistance of any vehicle to travel through faster and follow the Diamond icon, which must be right on the cliff.

Head To The Refraction

Following the cave will lead you to The Refraction, guarded by a few Acolytes and a white bird, who will be present to guide you to the next Marker.

However, you will face plenty of enemies again, spamming you through multiple directions; try to kill as many of them as possible, or else you may struggle to survive.

blistered knight destiny 2
Defeat the Blistered Knight. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The bird could be lost on the way, so try tracking it, which is guided by the blue ray.

If you are through the next cave, you should unlock the next entrance by shooting any three objects on the wall.

sword dance cyst
Shoot three objects on the wall to unlock the entrance. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The location is not the prettiest to be in, as it is guarded by a Revenant Wizard and plenty of Acolytes.

Summon The Sword

A rocket Launcher will do the job against the Wizard, but for Acolytes, you can just take cover and spray them with your preferred rifles.

Once you defeat the enemies, make your way to the Sculpture, Summon the Sword, and slash a few of them.

summon sword destiny 2
Summon the sword. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

When you are safe, destroy the shield by using the sword after hoping in the floating platform (red icon) to unlock the next destination.

Break The Shield

Multiple Revenant Acolytes will be present in the Narrow path; try to reach the last one’s location and open up the cave using the sword.

Slowly unlocking the way will lead you to a bunch of enemies again; try slashing a few of them and reach the Revenant Ogre’s location.

Just like the previous step, reach the red icons on the map and break the shield.

A new marker will play on the map again; get there and Kill the Blistered Knight to unlock yet another area.

light shield breaker
Beat the Blistered Knight. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You can kill the Blistered Knight and head towards the cave again by breaking off the stones.

Try exploring the area, beat a few of the enemies, and activate the next Marker. But first, you should collect the Lost Encryption Bit.

The item is found behind the stones on the ground area right after entering the door.

encryption bit destiny 2
Collect the Lost Encryption bit. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Defeat Urtokk And Ir Haza

The following location should be comparatively more challenging, considering it is the last part of the mission.

You will face the likes of Urtokk, Nargul, and Ir Haza, who are extremely tough to beat without weapon and target selection and attack.

ir haza enemy destiny 2
Beat the final enemy to complete the mission. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Try to kill off one by one; then, you stand a chance; otherwise, you may get frustrated over continuous resurrections.

You can conclude the mission once you kill the final enemy and obtain items, including the Pale Heart Engram and possibly a Destination Mod.

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