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Search Tape To Complete “Check Out Computers Task” In Gray Zone Warfare

Search for Intel in the bunkers.


  • Lab Rat offers Check Out Computers quest, as the intel brought before indicates the presence of technology is not needed for military.
  • The Objective is to find the mystery about the computer, a computer tape and what Soviets have been doing there.
  • Players will get medical bonus: two large blood packs and Lab Rat reputation for fulfiilling the objective.

In Gray Zone Warfare, the Soviets don’t need computers and other technologies to dig a hole in the ground, but they’re using them, which is quite suspicious.

Thus, Lab Rat wants you to expose for what purpose the Soviets are using those technologies for precaution.

There’s a high possibility that you may not get anything, but it’s also possible that the Soviets might have left something that can help Lab Rat.

Check Out Computers” Task In Gray Zone Warfare To Find Intel

Check Out Computers in Gray Zone Warfare is located over at YBL-1, inside the bunker.

Completing this quest depends on which group you belong to, your area, and where you land, or precisely which faction you pick initially.

Lab Rat offers this quest, as the intel you brought before indicates the presence of technology not needed by the military, such as old computers and other tech.

Thus, you need to go down to the bunker and try to find out what the Soviets have been doing to retrieve the intel and report back to the Lab Rat.

Reach The Bunkers

To find Soviet computers, you need to arrive at YBL 1 and start the quest at the bunker’s main door.

ybl 1 gray zone warfare
Check out the computer quest starts at YBL-1. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you arrive at the bunker’s main entrance, go down the stairs and go straight to where the object you need to grab is.

Defeat Enemies And Grab The Tape

You’ll encounter many enemies in the bunkers; ensure you have enough utilities, ammo, and remedies to kill them and cure yourselves.

Moreover, you may encounter the boss as well, so you’ll get some decent Loot and some rewards for being there.

bunker for check out the computers
Get inside the entrance of the bunker. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After fighting the boss, go down the stairs, take a double right, and search for the communication room.

communication room gray zone warfare
Get inside the Communication room. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you reach the communication room, take a left; on the desk, you’ll get Computer Tape just beside Lamp and a White Computer.

check out the computers gray zone warfare
You’ll find the object under the lamp to check out the computers. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Searching the tape will finally complete the Search The Computers quest and provide players with few rewards.

The rewards for completing the Check Out Computers task in Gray Zone Warfare are:

  • 2 Large Blood Packs
  • $5900
  • 1000 Experience Points
  • 150 Lab Rat Reputation

After completing most tasks, the main reward is generally associated with the Vendor; if you complete Lab Rat’s task, you will usually get medical items.

Final Liberation In Gray Zone Warfare

While playing the Check Out Computes quest players can also complete the Final Liberation task assigned by Turncoat.

The LLA Rebel Leader, the main objective, is on the bottom floor of the Bunker, just outside the Tape room.

You can grab a few loots including an Assault rifle and a silencer after killing Lani Sayavong.

You will get a few rewards after completing Final Liberation quests including;

  • 4 F-1 Grenades
  • $5900
  • 2000 Experience Points
  • 200 Turncoat Reputation

The grenades are currently bugged for many players in Gray Zone warfare, so first drop the utility and pick them, else it will blow up on your hand.

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