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“The Message Part 2” In Destiny 2 To Commune With Traveller

Don't rush to complete the mission.


  • “The Message Part 2” is a part of Destiny 2: The Final Shape Camping, which continues the storyline.
  • To get this mission, players need to complete the first part,” The Message.”
  • The main objective of “The Message Part 2” is to clear the lost sector and find the loot.

Destiny 2 is an action-packed multiplayer game that takes players to many galaxies and has multiple expansions.

After a long wait, Bungie Inc. launched a new Campaign,” Destiny 2: The Final Shape,” on June 4, 2024.

The latest DLC offers multiple quests, challenges, locations, and new items for around $50.

The Message Part 2″ Quest In The Pale Heart Of Destiny 2

The Message Part 2 in Destiny 2 continues the storyline of the previous quest, The Message, and takes you to another Lost Sector.

Players can start the mission after they complete the previous quest, The Message from Final Shape Camping and head to The Pale Heart, the traveler’s destination.

the message part 2 Destiny 2
Start the mission from Pale Heart. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you enter the location, you must complete different objectives to succeed in the quest;

Find The Lost Sector Entrance

Use your in-game map to find the Lost Sector’s symbol. It is a small arch-like icon in a map area.

While searching for the Lost Sector entrance, you may encounter some enemies; thus, be prepared for some fight.

You will find a cave-like structure that will be the entrance to Lost Sector.

Enter To Lost Sector

Once you find Lost Sector’s entrance location, you must enter and explore the area.

Cave in destiny 2
Enter the cave to explore the Lost Sector. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You will discover mysterious plants, stunning waterfalls, and other natural items inside the Lost Sector.

Clear The Lost Sector

Your main task inside the Lost Sector is to clear it by defeating the enemies inside the area.

Revenant Knight, Acolyte, Lightbearere Acolyte, and Blistered Ogre are some enemies you will face inside the Lost Sector.

enemies in destiny 2
Defeat the enemies to succeed in the mission. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Therefore, you must be ready for some intense battle, as these enemies might be more aggressive and hard to defeat.

Collect The Loot

Once you defeat all the enemies, a message with the words “Cache code acquired” will appear on your screen.

After you receive this message, you can unlock the special, diamond-shaped loot chest at the end of the area.

loot destiny 2
Collect the loot. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You will find the red suitcase at the end of the Lost Sector; after collecting the loot, you will discover the fissure of light.

Commune With The Traveler

This is the last objective of “The Message Part 2” quest; once you clear the area and discover a fissure of light, you must communicate with Traveller to complete the mission.

mission complete destiny 2
Commune with the travelers to finish the mission. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Furthermore, some players are noticing the glitch in the mission, as they are tasked with clearing the sector even after completing it.

However, developers have not officially confirmed the glitch. Thus, players are suggested to take their time in the Lost Sector and grab the chest along with the Firearm team.

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