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“The Power Inside” Beta Phase Badge In MultiVersus

Did you play the Beta?


  • The Power Inside is a badge from the MultiVersus Beta Phase, which ended on June 25, 2023.
  • Players meeting the designated gold requirement earned the badge.
  • As Warner Bros removed gold currency from the game, the badge is no longer obtainable.

Badges are cosmetic items in MultiVersus that are equipped to show off against PVP enemies.

MultiVersus grants multiple types of General and Character Badges for progression and completing challenges.

Double Ringouts, The Power Inside, and Candy Hearts are a few badges players can earn.

The Power Inside Badge” In MultiVersus

The Power Inside is unique and worthless badge at the same time, as players cannot maximize their progression to earn it.

Moreover, the progression of the general badge is entirely based on gold earned by the players in the open beta phase, which ran from June 2022 to July 2023.

If you earned enough gold during the beta gameplay, you can still have and equip the profile badge but can no longer upgrade it by reaching specific requirements.

MultiVersus Officially launched on May 28, 2024.

As the Golds are completely scrapped by Player First Games and Warner Bros, you can no longer get them.

Gold was a game currency that could be earned by increasing battle pass levels, daily logins, playing quests, or simply through progression.

Since you can only get four types of currencies in MultiVersus, Fighter, Gleamium, Perk, and Prestige, you can focus on earning other badges.

Currency Usage In MultiVersus

With the Fighter currency in MultiVersus, players can unlock other characters, Including Jason Voorhees, Agent Smith, and Batman.

Moreover, players with Gleamium can buy various items, including cosmetics, ring-outs, and even emotes.

Meanwhile, perk currency is used to specialize the specific character players have unlocked.

Besides these three currencies, prestige points are vital as they unlock exclusive characters and items.

List Of Badges In MultiVersus

Here are a few General And Character Badges In MultiVersus;

General BadgesCharacter Badges
Arcade CompletionsArya Wins
Assists Batman Wins/ Ringouts
Attack DodgedTom And Jerry Wins
Candy HeartsBlack Adam Wins
Double RingoutsBugs Bunny Wins/ Ringouts
EVO 2022: 1st PlaceWonder Woman Wins
EVO 2022: 2nd PlaceVelma Wins
EVO 2022: 3rd PlaceFinn Wins/ Ringouts
EVO 2022: 4th PlaceGarnet Wins
EVO 2022: 5th To 8th PlaceGizmo Wins
EVO 2022: 9th To 16th PlaceHarkey Wins
EVO 2022: 17th To 32nd PlaceIron Giant Wins
Games Played In Tech Test 2Jake Wins
Highest Damage DealtLeBron Wins
Holiday Cookies Marvin Wins
Maxed CharactersMorty Wins
Ringout LeaderRick Wins
Ringout Leader GoldRaindog Wins/ Ringouts
Ringouts Shaggy Wins/ Ringouts
Total WinsSuperman Wins

Players can also get other character badges, including Stripe and Steven Wins, which unlock after players reach the requirements.

Moreover, three badges can be equipped in the slot at a time, and you can upgrade them to Tier 5.

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