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“To The Skies” Quest Bugged In World Of Warcraft

Blizzard should rather fix the bugs first rather than introducing new events.


  • “To The Skies” quest is bugged in multiple phases, from teleportation to NPC refusing to open the door.
  • Players should use the special ablity after reaching the tiny gap between the stairs and wall and the cave to continue the scenario.
  • If bug persists at the end of the quest, players can leave the instance and teleport back to the quest provider.

“To The Skies” is one of the Pandaria quests in Isle of Thunder in World of Warcraft.

Even though the quest is quite old, players still face bugs, and Blizzard is reluctant to fix the issue.

Moreover, the issue exists in the Mists of Pandaria (MoP) Remix and non-MoP Remix even after the Daily Reset.

Use Special Ability And Disengage If To The Skies” Is Bugged

To The Skies quest in WoW has multiple bugs, according to many players: one which disrupts players from Zandalari trolls battle and another one where you are stuck in the air.

Even after the daily reset, players cannot complete the Isle Of Thunder achievement or unlock Sunreaver abilities.

When you join the Zandalari in the second attack wave, you get teleported back and must restart the scenario.

mists of pandaria wow
“To The Skies” is still bugged after the introduction of Mists Of Pandaria.

However, this part of the quest is not bugged; instead, players hit the invisible wall, which repeatedly teleports them.

Nonetheless, players can follow the given procedure to complete the quest without inconvenience if they face the issue;

Return To Quest Giver

If Taoshi doesn’t open the door when completing the last part of the quest after defeating the enemy, the best option is to leave the party.

Players can simply insert /Script Leave Party () to complete the mission and start the next objective.

Moreover, players can also right-click the Portrait, leave the party, and report back to the quest provider.

Use Special Ability

If you are repeatedly getting teleported back, they should repeat the scenario, use the mount, and teleport again to Lor’themar Theron without leaving the instance.

Moreover, players should avoid mount, enter the Plateau and search for the tree on the left side of the cave.

Players should use a special ability to locate the mount in the tiny gap between the tree and the cave wall and hop in the back.

If players cannot use the Special button, they should head to the Plateau and use the Disengage to reach the top of the stairs to the Slave Pit.

Players should then reach the top of the hut using the Disengage Spell to kill easily when on air.

lightning vein mile wow quests
Enter the Lightning Vein Mine. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Further, you should follow the mounts to the Lightning Vein Miles; ensure to go along via the Slave Pens.

Blink Gem

Players can also use the Blink, the blue cogwheel gem, if they get stuck in the air while progressing the mission.

If using the item doesn’t work, players can repeat the quest several times until they can complete it. Accomplishing all quest objectives will grant you the following items;

  • 11 Gold
  • 79 Silver
  • 60 Bronze
  • 4400 Experience Points
  • 300 Sunreaver Onslaught Reputations

If players somehow fail to complete the quest due to bugs, they can wait for the Daily or Weekly reset or contact Blizzard Support.

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