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Toggle Sprint Button Through The Keyboard Bindings In Helldivers 2

Tap and key and sprint infinitely.


  • Helldivers have six different sprit settings to choose from.
  • Change the Sprint settings through keyboard Bindings through Mpouse & Keyboard settings.
  • Continious hold is the recommened sprint settings condidering players may tap the button mistakely in combat.

Toggle Sprint in Helldivers 2 provides players with a convenient way to manage movement, simplifying controls for better gameplay.

Moreover, some players are facing problems while trying to sprint, and it is not working, so a few troubleshooting steps should be followed.

Additionally, a community and developer have been working to tackle the recurring sprinting issue hindering player movement.

Changing Toggle Sprint Setting In Helldivers 2

Toggle sprinting can be a convenient feature in Helldivers 2, especially for players who prefer a more relaxed approach to movement.

After that, you can initiate sprinting with a single press of a button and deactivate it the same way, eliminating the difficulty.

If you’re interested in customizing your sprinting experience, here’s how you can change the toggle sprint setting in Helldivers 2:

Accessing The Options Menu

Access the main menu of Helldivers 2 by pressing the designated menu button on your controller or keyboard.

Moreover, look for the “Options” section positioned at the top left corner of the screen to proceed further.

Selecting Input Settings

Within the Options menu, you can locate the section related to input settings.

Furthermore, depending on your preferred gaming device, you may choose either “Controller” or “Mouse and Keyboard” options.

Navigate To Sprint Settings

Once you’ve accessed the input settings, look for the section specifically related to sprinting.

This section typically falls under the movement or controls category.

keyboard settings helldivers 2
To modify the Toggle Sprint Setting, navigate to the mouse and keyboard settings, where you’ll locate the option. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Choose Toggle Sprint Option

Within the sprint settings, you should find an option related to sprint behavior.

Look for the option that enables toggle sprinting. This option may be labeled as “Toggle Sprint” or something similar.

Apply Changes

After selecting the toggle sprint option, make sure to apply the changes to save your preferences.

Depending on the game’s interface, you may need to confirm your selection before exiting the options menu.

Test Your Settings

Once you’ve applied the toggle sprint setting, return to the game and test out the new sprinting functionality.

You should now be able to activate and deactivate sprinting with a single press of the designated button or key.

Choose Best Sprint Settings

Your sprint settings will be on hold in the Default settings; besides, you will have four different options to choose from:

  • Tap: Release the sprint button instantly after tapping once.
  • Press: Sprints ASAP when you tap the sprint key.
  • Continuous Press: Held the key for a while.
  • Continuous Hold: Triggers continuously after holding the sprint button for a while.

Players Experience Gameplay Issues As Helldivers 2 Sprint Is Not Working 

In Helldivers 2, some players encounter issues with sprinting, hindering their mobility and affecting gameplay dynamics significantly.

Players report frustration and inconvenience due to the malfunction, negatively impacting their gaming experience.

Arrowhead Game Studios acknowledges the issue and assures players of ongoing efforts to address it promptly.

Community forums buzz with discussions on potential fixes and workarounds to mitigate the problem’s impact.

Despite varied player experiences, a consensus emerges regarding the severity and widespread nature of the sprinting malfunction.

Players seek timely updates and patches from developers to rectify the issue swiftly.

Engaging with the Steam community, players share tips and support one another in navigating the sprinting issue’s challenges.

As players await a resolution, they express optimism about the game’s developers’ commitment to delivering a satisfactory solution.

Persistent player feedback underscores the importance of responsive developer communication and effective troubleshooting measures.

Fixing Sprint Not working In Helldivers 2

here are some measures if you are facing issues while sprinting;

Identifying The Sprinting Issue

In Helldivers 2, players encounter a recurring problem where the sprint function fails to activate, hindering their movement capabilities.

Despite various attempts to troubleshoot, the root cause of the issue remains elusive.

Players express frustration and seek clarity on the underlying factors contributing to the malfunction.

Community discussions center around identifying patterns and commonalities among affected players to isolate potential triggers. 

Analyzing Player Experiences

Amidst the ongoing sprinting issue in Helldivers 2, players share their experiences and observations to shed light on potential causes and solutions.

Through community forums and social media platforms, players detail their encounters with the malfunctioning sprint function.

Common scenarios, such as sprint failure during critical moments or under specific in-game conditions, emerge as focal points for analysis. 

toggle sprint helldivers 2
Adjusting the sprint setting in Helldivers 2 could offer a solution to the ongoing mobility challenges players face. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Engaging With Developer Updates

As the sprinting issue persists in Helldivers 2, players eagerly await updates and communications from the game’s developers.

Moreover, regular updates on investigations, progress, and fixes are vital for player trust and satisfaction.

Developers use announcements, patch notes, and player interactions to promote transparency and collaboration.

Additionally, Players stay informed and confident in the developers’ commitment to finding a solution.

Collaborative Problem-Solving

In the face of the persistent sprinting issue in Helldivers 2, players and developers unite in a collaborative effort to identify.

Community-driven initiatives like bug reporting campaigns and data collection efforts complement developers’ internal investigations.

Players contribute valuable feedback, bug reports, and diagnostic information to support developers in resolving the issue effectively. 

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