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“Top Dog Challenge” In MultiVersus To Win 6000 Perk Currencies

Make every match count!


  • Top Dog Challenge is the recently released event of MultiVersus, where players can earn points and climb the leaderboard.
  • In this event, players need to challenge other opponents and accumulate points through PvP matches.
  • The player who participates in more matches and wins will be at the top of the leaderboard and achieve a golden badge.

MultiVersus is a free-to-play crossover fighting game developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

The fighting game regularly offers various Warner Bros characters and events and provides badges and banners.

Joker, Arya Stark, Superman, and Batman are some of the gameplay characters, and The Joker’s Ruse and Top Dog Challenge are some of the game’s events.

Top Dog Challenge” Competitive Event Of Multiversus

The Top Dog Challenge in MultiVersus is a competitive event encouraging players to engage in PvP matches to earn XP and climb the leaderboard. 

Players can participate in as many matches as they like. They will receive points for each victory.

The more points you collect, the more your chances of being at the top of the board increase.

The “Top Dog Challenge” in MultiVersus was initially set to conclude on June 13.

Top Dog Challenge in Multiversus
Participate in the Top Dog Challenge in Multiversus.

However, there is a difference. The event is also listed as open until June 11, and it’s mentioned to return on June 13.

Thus, it is advisable for players to participate while the event is active, as the developers have yet to clarify the schedule details.

Participate In Many Matches To Win The Top Dog Challenge” Event In Multiversus

The simplest way for you to win the Challenge is to participate in more matches and earn more XP.

The only way to earn XP is from the matches, as there is no alternative way for you during this event.

Here are some steps for you to gain more XP and boost your chances of earning the 6000 Perk Currency.

Take Your Main Character

Players should take their main character to fight in the matches, as your main character will be the strongest among all.

characters in Multiversus
Choose your character for the matches.

Moreover, selecting your main character can be beneficial since they have been through numerous matches and possess the greatest battle experience.

Choose Your Friends For 2v2 (PvP)

For the 2v2 PvP matches in MultiVersus, teaming up with friends can be a great strategy. 

Therefore, select the best match partner to team up with you and lead you towards victory.

The one who wins more XP will definitely win and receive the grand reward. But this event will also reward players with XPs and other items according to their placement.

Event Rewards

Participate in the matches to win. Rewards are distributed at the end of the event as per your last standing.

12000XP, 6000 Perk Currencies, PvP Season Golden 5 Star Badge
21600XP, 4800 Perk Currencies, PvP Season Silver 3 Star Badge
3-51200XP, 3600 Perk Currencies, PvP Season Silver 3 Star Badge
6-10600XP, 1800 Perk Currencies, PvP Season Bronze Badge
11-25200XP and 600 Perk Currencies
26-50100XP and 300 Perk Currencies

Once you finish this event, you can also participate in the upcoming Multiversus “Team Batman V. Team Joker” event, which will be released on June 11.

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