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Travel To Remnant Residence For Hidden Truth In Wuthering Waves

Not so hidden.


  • Start True Arena Champion Quest by freeing an exiled commoner from Tacent Discords, marking the start of your journey in the quests menu.
  • Earn your Camp Access Pass by meeting Zeyuan at the campsite, after leaving the bay area and inquiring about the camp’s situation.
  • Prove your marksmanship in the Target Shooting Challenge, collect badges from each trial, and defeat the Tacent Discord.

The hidden truth in Wuthering Waves is a side quest mission on an island called Remnant Residence, located between Wuming Bay and Whining Mix’s Mire.

This mission focuses on finding the hidden truth, which is finding the true arena champion.

Meanwhile the players need to register, train, participate and win the championship trophy in order to complete it.

Start “A True Arena Champion” Quest

You should first mark the location of the Remnant Residence on the map. You will encounter an exile attacked by Tacent Discords.

After reaching the area, you will have to free the exiled commoner and ask what happened.

A true arena champion quest will finally open, which you can navigate and start from the quests menu.

Find Zeyuan To Receive Your “Camp Access Pass

At the quest’s beginning, players must travel to the campsite, leaving the bay area.

However, at the entry point, you need to inquire about the situation from people in the camp.

Finally, you can meet Zeyuan to receive your camp access pass. After his approval, you’ll receive a seaside pass for it.

Interact with Zeyuan. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Complete “The Target Shooting” Challenge

Players need to find a suitable gun for target practice to begin this challenge.

The gun is inside a drop box at the top of the residence. Climb on the top of the residence, acquire the gun, and equip it.

Search for weapons at the residence. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You can activate the shooting target training and shoot the targets to college a badge. Futher, players should return and talk to the receptionist again at the final trial location.

Players should then Defeat the Tacent Discord to complete the third trail and collect the badge again.

Finally, you can Hand all three badges to the receptionist to complete the registration.

Enter The Sea Side Arena

To complete the registration, you must hand all three badges to the receptionist near Seaside Arenato.

Head to the arena. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Further, you must defeat the first, second, and third-round opponents using these skills. Gladiator champion contacts you and tells you to meet him at a marked location.

Finally, you will meet the examiner exile there to discuss the strategy with you.

Participate In The Championship Challenge “The Hidden Trophy”

In the last part of the quest, players need to enter the arena and defeat the Arena champion.

Defeat the Arena Champion. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Finally, the Quest is completed. Return to the camp, talk to Zeyuan and Examiner Exile, and collect the rewards.

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