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Travel To The Landing For Luminescent Seed In Destiny 2

Reroute your location to Overgrown Parkour.


  • Luminescent Seeds can be obtained by completing the Overthrow activity at The Landing and completing the zone events.
  • Complete objectives marked by blue markers to gain Luminescent seeds.
  • Players can use Luminescent Seeds to improve gear stats, increasing their combat effectiveness in Destiny 2.

In The Landing of The Pale Heart, Guardians can acquire the coveted Luminescent Seeds.

These radiant seeds are not just a symbol of victory but a key to unlocking your gear’s true potential.

Defeat enemies and master these challenges to earn points, pushing through various tiers and unlocking a trove of rewards. 

Overthrow In The Landing For Luminescent Seed Destiny 2

Luminescent Seeds are used in the game’s The Final Shape DLC. You can acquire Luminescent Seeds by completing the Overthrow Level 1 at The Landing.

While performing Overthrow, you need to defeat enemies and complete the Overgrown Parkour of Pathfinder to earn points, which unlock different tiers and rewards.

Luminescent Seed Destiny 2
Defeat enemies and complete the Overgrown Parkour. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

What Is Overthrow The Landing Quest?

Overthrow the landing is included as the objective in the Convalescence Greenery quest of Echoes Act 1.

As you navigate through the Overthrow activity, you’ll notice special objectives indicated by blue markers.

The main objective of this quest is to travel to The Landing, defeat the enemy boss and conquer it.

These objectives are crucial for advancing through the activity as they offer a significant point boost when completed.

Remember, special objectives contribute a large number of points towards your total, which is necessary to unlock different tiers within the activity.

chests destiny 2
Chests contain various rewards. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Upon completing these special objectives, you’ll receive Overthrow chests. These chests contain various rewards, one of which includes the sought-after Luminescent Seeds.

Moreover, these seeds are essential for enhancing your gear and overall gameplay experience.

Luminescent Seeds
Seeds are essential for enhancing your gear. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Obtaining Luminescent Seed Destiny 2

In order to overthrow the landing, navigate through the Destination option and travel to the Landing.

Then, you will end up in a location where you can sense enemy activity, thus, you have to reroute your location to Overgrown Parkour with your teammates.

The first objective is to complete the Overthrow Level 1. You’ll find a cheat box on the terrace which contains rewards.

Meanwhile, eliminate all the enemies and creeps trying to attack you to complete the levels.

Your first, second and third objectives are completed after you reach Overthrow level 3.

Level 1 completes after you kill Cystalbound Wizard located inside a cave.

Crystalbound Wizrd
Crystalbound Wizard is a powerful enemy. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Level 2 completes after you eliminate Abjurant Knight at the entrance of the cave, and collect the rewards to upgrade your weapon for the last assault.

Level 3 completes after you destroy the Luminious Eye, be sure to keep up your offence strikes while dodging the enemy attacks.

Finally, the mission is completed after you defeat a nameless powerful force of the darkness. Be sure to destroy all the portals before engaging them.

Eventually, Hostile forces are temporarily expelled from the area. You’ll get five minutes to collect all Luminescent Seed until the hostile forces are back.

The Conquest of The Landing signifies the hope for the reclamation of the lost city of Torobalt.

How To Use Luminescent Seed Destiny 2?

Once you have Luminescent Seeds, navigate to the character menu and select the gear or weapon you wish to upgrade.

Use the Luminescent Seeds to unlock new mods or improve the stats of your gear. This could involve increasing damage output, enhancing defence, or adding special abilities.

 Some quests may require Luminescent Seeds as part of their completion criteria. Keep an eye on your quest log for any such requirements.

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