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Enter Tycoon Club In Monopoly Go To Earn Stickers And Rewards

Join the VIP group.


  • To enter the Tycoon Club, member players should have a higher networth and maximum level, complete various challenge.
  • No exact criteria to get an invitation to the Club. 
  • Get handful of bonuses and rewards after entering the club.

Monopoly Go comes up with many events more often and has recently come up with Tycoon Club.

Many players are unable to engage in the event or just have a slight idea about it.

What Is Tycoon Club In Monopoly Go?

Tycoon Club is one of the exciting events of Monopoly Go with exclusive features. It is the prestigious Moguls and Investors club in the game.

Unfortunately, not all monopoly players can be a part of or are not invited to the Tycoon Club. 

Going by the name Tycoon Club refers to the wealthy or powerful players.

This means players must be one of the top contributors or have higher engagement in the game.

Players can only be part of the Tycoon Club via the system, not by any sort of invitation by the friends. 

The message will pop up when players launch the game, and they can get further details by tapping the Go To Club button.

tycoon club monopoly go
Tap Go To Club. Source: Screen Plays Mag

Features Of Tycoon Club In Monopoly Go

If players have an invitation to the Tycoon Club, they can enjoy the following features;

Loyalty Points

After being a member of the Tycoon Club, players can use the loyalty points from the Club.

Players can focus on building or progressing through milestones via the points.

Players can get hundreds of dice rolls or invest in stickers.

Get Stickers 

Players will get loads of tokens after entering the Moguls and Investors club. 

However, they need to redeem their loyalty points to obtain the stickers.

This may come in handy when players are trying to fill the empty slots in their albums.

Thankfully, players will get all four kinds of token packs in the event.

Combined Rewards

Players can also get up to four combined rewards, which cost from a range of 400 to 4000.

Each set of rewards has unique items, including the money boost, millions of dice rolls, missions of cash, and many more.

Be Part Of Tycoon Club In Monopoly Go

Unfortunately, there are no concrete reasons to be a member  of the Tycoon Club, but a few measures guides to be part of it include;

Higher Level

Players should have spent quite a little time to get a Tycoon Club invitation and have a higher level.

Moreover, Players should try to build as many properties as possible but be careful with the attacks because the repair cost will increase.

Also, players should build the color sets on the board, which helps to level up faster.

This will also assist players in increasing their net worth.

Lastly, to enhance the level of players, they can also play new events and collect tokens and all the rewards.

tycoon club monopoly go
Collect the rewards from events. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Higher Networth

Another technique that can grant the Tycoon event for the players is having a higher net worth in Monopoly Go.

Players can get extra currency because their networth is directly proportional to their level.

Also, players need to invite more friends, play with them, trade cards and invest carefully for the long run.

Money Spent

Many players who have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars but have low levels also got the Tycoon Club Invitation.

This proves there is a high chance that the Club’s members can benefit from it.

However, players should spend the money wisely in online games as it can build an addiction.

Completing Challenges

If players are engaged in all the vents and complete a higher number of challenges, there is an excellent chance to be in the riches club.

Also, the number of games played, the win rate and total games won should take a vital part in the call.

Pure Luck

This may surprise various players, but the invitation to the Tycoon Club is luck as well.

Players who have low levels, lower builds, lower networth and haven’t spent a single penny are still part of the event. 

So, players should be optimistic and wait for their chance to be a club member.

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