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“Uncanny Files” In Gray Zone Warfare To Retrieve Medical Report

Help Lab Rat in medical research involving LAF's family and friends.


  • The map location of “Uncanny Files” in Gray Zone Warfare is the central building just beside Vehicle Maintenance.
  • Main objective of the task is to Retrieve the Army Medical Reports from the Medical Tent.
  • The rewards for the Lab Rat quest includes three large blood packs and 200 reputation points.

Lab Rat is one of the vendors that not only supplies or trades medics but also offers quests with medical rewards.

The Vendor offers many quests, including Duty to the Country, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Lost Lover, and Uncanny Files.

Uncanny Files is one of the end quests the medical vendor offers in the Fort Narith location.

Gray Zone Warfare “Uncanny FilesTask To Get Medical File

Lab Rat is pretty impressed with the Blood Sample players delivered to the Vendor earlier, which showed horrible effects on the human body.

The Vendor suggests that she could get the medical files of the Civilians who were kept separate from the Military.

The files should be handy for the medical vendor to conduct more research to verify whether the families of LAF are affected.

Reach The Barracks

To start the investigation in the “Uncanny Files” quest, players must reach the northern side of Fort Narith.

Players can select the nearest landing zone to the Barracks and head to map coordinates around (142 131) near the central building.

Fort Narith Gray Zone Warfare
Reach the central building on the left side of Vehicle Maintenance. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Otherwise, players can also follow the road connecting to the main road and approach the southwest to reach the location.

Unlike other quests and areas, this military zone consists of many enemies, so clear the location before getting the medical document.

Collect The File

Following the map coordinates will lead you to an open path with a massive military truck and a green tent on the side.

medical tent uncanny files
Defeat enemies and reach the green tent location. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Upon entering the medical tent will find Army Medical Records on the left table on the side of the Table Fan.

uncanny files gray zone warfare
Press the F key to take the medical record. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Even if you clear the path while approaching the Tent, there’s a chance you won’t make it out of the military zone.

Hence, soon after getting the medical report, store it in the TAS box under the Character section to get back any necessary files, even if you die.

Players can hand over the medical reports to Lab Rat and obtain the following rewards;

  • 3 Large Blood Pack
  • $5500
  • 2000 Experience Points
  • 200 Lab Rat Reputation

After completing the quest, players can start Lab Rat’s further quests, including “What Remains” and “Spit Out the Poison.”

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