Unfulfilled Victories: Helldivers 2 Major Order No Reward Leaves Players Empty-Handed

Complete and collect rewards if not bugged.

Helldivers 2 Major Order No Reward
Helldivers 2 No rewards upon completion of the major order quests has left players stunned.


  • Players haven’t received any rewards for past couple of Major Orders.
  • Developers, Arrowhead Studios have acknowledged the issue and are constantly working on the fix.
  • Players have already receiving rewards for the Heeth, Angel’s Venture, and Tiein Kwan Major Orders

In Helldivers 2, upon completion of Major Order players typically receive rewards or supplies.

Players, driven by the promise of the hefty 35 Medals, embarked on the mission to liberate Malevelon Creek.

However, it was not the case after the order ended, Helldivers got no reward, and now their eyes turn to Ubanea.

Helldivers 2: Liberate Malevelon Creek Major Order

Liberate Malevelon Creek, a new Major Order was released to the public version of the game.

With only a 24-hour window to take back Malevelon Creek, Helldivers 2 players managed to liberate the planet in just five hours.

Malevelon Creek
Malevelon Creek falls under Liberation Campaign quest, with 35 medals rewards. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Moreover, it was an order that provided an opportunity for the players to turn the tables of the war against one of Super Earth’s greatest enemies.

Liberating Malevelon is a challenging quest as it’s covered with cold Automaton soldiers who are heavily armed.

However, Even though players managed to liberate the planet Malevelon Creek in under just five hours, they were disappointed to discover that they did not receive any reward.

Helldivers 2: Reviving the Liberate Malevelon Creek Major Order

Deploying the Malavelon Creek Major Order for the second time in Helldivers 2 does not reward players.

Several weeks ago Helldivers 2 released the fan-favorite planet Malevelon Creek also dubbed ‘Space Vietnam’ by many, which fell to the Automatons.

After players failed to liberate the planet within the given time, the developers did not distribute any rewards.

Moreover, after a lot of demands from the players across all the official game’s social media platforms to bring back the quest, the developers finally heard the voices.

However, the developers failed to distribute any rewards as promised after players managed to beat the quest so early into its release.

Helldivers 2: Liberate Malevelon Creek Major Order – Rewardless Disappointment

Players have been complaining and voicing their concerns about the bug, as they received no rewards upon completing the quest.

Players have mentioned that they haven’t received any rewards in the past 2 Major Orders missing out on more than 100 or more Medals.

Major Order Details
The major order was an April 1st drop, completely being able to fool the fans about its arrival. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The developer, Arrowhead Studios said in a statement a month back that they are working on fixing the issue and players will receive their lost medals very soon.

However, the case of Malevelon Creek has said otherwise about the developers to the fans and players.

When Can Players Expect Rewards for Helldivers 2 Major Orders?

Arrowhead Studios is constantly working on fixing the issue and is working on distributing the medals back to those who earned them.

Players have already started receiving their medals for the Heeth, Angel’s Venture, and Tiein Kwan Major Orders in Helldivers 2.

Moreover, make sure that you play one operation and return to your ship, as doing this process makes you eligible to collect the medals.

However, if you still have not received your medals, the best advice is to stay patient and keep an eye on official channels for updates.

Arrowhead is well aware of the situation and the issue and is prioritizing it alongside improving server stability.


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