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Unlock “Memory Refractions Of Light” To Get Prismatic Fragment In Destiny 2

A new travelling companion.


  • Players need to locate three different Cyst areas: The Aerial Ace, Searing Light and Moth-infested Cavern.
  • Solve the Hive puzzles by shooting at symbols and unlock new paths or rewards within the game.
  • Follow the Blue Bird or the navigation director, it will lead you to specific location.

Memory: Refractions of Light in Destiny 2 are slightly different from the previous darkness modes.

The item is not that simple to obtain. You cannot just look for chests randomly; you need to explore some secret areas.

Moreover, you will initially encounter some enemies to defeat to obtain the Light of Memories and Vestige.

Memory Refractions Of Light In Destiny 2 From Vestiges

To unlock the Memory: Refractions of Light in Destiny 2, you’ll need to collect Vestiges of Light.

However, players must initially complete Micah-10’s Alone in the Dark questline with a recovery operation.

As you defeat enemies while this quest is active, you’ll accumulate Vestiges of Light necessary to forge the memory.

Once you have enough Vestiges of Light, you can forge the Memory: Refractions of Light.

Memory: Refractions of Light
Collect enough Vestiges of Light for the Memory: Refractions of Light. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

This memory is part of the process of unlocking the Facet of Awakening, one of the Prismatic Fragments in the game.

Locate Cyst Areas

Players need to access certain areas, which are unlocked upon campaign completion.

They need to locate three different cyst areas: The Aerial Ace, the Searing Light, and the Moth-infested Cavity.

The Aerial Ace
Locate three different Cyst areas. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Further, you will find enemies that drop Light Vestiges. These are essential for forging Light Memories.

Collect Light Vestiges

Start collecting the Light Vestiges dropped by enemies in cyst areas; you can collect up to four from any cyst area.

However, the fifth forges a legendary memory, and it must be from the area you’re currently in.

 Hive puzzles destiny 2
Shoot at symbols to solve Hive puzzles. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Solve Hive Puzzles

Players will find Hive puzzles as an interactive challenge within cyst areas, which they need to solve.

Significantly, players need to shoot at symbols to solve puzzles, which can unlock new paths or rewards within the game.

Moreover, following the Blue Bird will lead you to specific locations. It’s part of the game’s navigation system and helps players navigate complex environments.

Blue Bird for memory refractions of light destiny 2
Follow the Blue Bird. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Unlock Facet Of Generosity

Players can unlock the Facet Of Generosity after collecting the Memory: Refractions of Light.

However, they must be in the blooming area with the Light Memory related to that area. With the correct Light Memory, they must navigate the environment to locate chests.

blooming area destiny 2
Players must be in the blooming area. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

These chests contain Facets, and finding them often involves solving environmental puzzles or following clues within the game world.

For example, in the blooming area, you would navigate around the base of a tree to find the chest with the Facet of Generosity.

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