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Unlock Secret Weapon Shop In Wuthering Waves

Get a free 4-star weapon selector.


  • To unlock the Tiger’s Maw Mine secret shop in Wuthering Waves, complete the Tiger Maw – Act II.
  • Shilang, the merachant only sells ten, but extremely valuable items.
  • Players can spend 80 Lampylumens and open the weapon chest to get a weapon of their choice.

While progressing through missions, exploring the open world, or defeating elite enemies, players should have a great build and, most importantly, the best weapons.

Players can get the weapons by completing quests, looting, or even crafting them at the weapon shop.

The weapon shops in Wuthering Waves are found in different locations, but to unlock the secret shops, you need to complete specific requirements.

Wuthering Waves Weapon Shop In Tiger Maw Mine

Many Wuthering Waves players must already know about Uncle Wei’s Shop in east Jinzhou, which can help you craft a few four-star weapons and sell a few items.

However, Wuthering Waves also has another weapon shop, with exclusive items.

After completing Tiger’s Maw – Act II, the shop unlocks, which consists of the ” Shadows of the Past” and “Hidden Dangers in Peaceful Life” quests.

The vendor is located at the “lock” icon provided in the map below; to reach the location faster, try using the Resonance Beacon instead of Resonance Nexus.

shilang secret weapon shop
Head to the marked icon on the Tiger Maw Mine. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The merchant’s is on higher ground and is located near the cooking station at the area’s edge, so finding the merchant can be tricky.

shilang wuthering waves
Find Shilang at the Tiger’s Maw Mine. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you meet Shilang, the Merchant in the Tiger’s Maw Mine, you can tap the Tiger’s Maw Ore to continue your purchase.

Players will find limited but extremely Valuable items in the Shop, which include;

Item Lampylumen Cost
Originite Weapon Supply Chest80
Medium Energy Core2
Advanced Energy Core5
Premium Energy Core10
Shell Credit x20001
Reactive Metallic Drip3
Waveworn Reside 2263
Extracted Phlogiston3
Cadence Bud3
Adagio Helix3

The 4-star weapon selector is purchasable only once, unlike other items, which consist of the following weapons;

  • Broadblade#41
  • Sword#18
  • Pistols#26
  • Gauntlets#21D
  • Rectifier#25

Players can only choose one Originite Weapon. If you already have the weapons, try buying items to upgrade your character.

Unlike other Vendors, Shilang only takes Lampylumen as a means of trade, which are found in Tiger’s Maw.

lampylumen wuthering waves
Trade the items with Lampylumen. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

If players extract including Tiger’s Maw’s mine, western and southeast side, they will find plenty of Lampylumens.

Players with insufficient Lampylumen crystals can head to Uncle Wei’s shop to get few items, who takes Shell Credits as the currency.

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