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Unravel The Mystery And Secrecy Of Botany Manor With The Priest

Perform the precise ritual.


  • While exploring the Botany Manor, you’ll encounter Priest Hole.
  • Priest Hole holds lots of mystery and secrets that you need to explore.
  • To unlock the Priest Hole you need to follow the correct ritual.

In the shadowed halls of Botany Manor, the Priest need to walk a delicate line between faith and forbidden knowledge.

His eyes are like faded parchment holding secrets etched by centuries, and his whispered prayers echo through twisted corridors.

While exploring the Botany Manor, you’ll encounter Priest Hole; it holds lots of secrets and you need to explore them all.

The Priest Hole In Botany Manor

The Priest Hole is a hidden chamber wrapped in mystery and secrecy within Botany Manor.

Generally, the Priest Hole used to serve as a refuge during times of religious persecution.

When Catholicism was banned, priests were seeking refuge within the stone walls of the Priest Hole; to escape capture and execution, finding safety in this hidden sanctuary. 

priest hole Botany manor
Priest Hole is a hidden chamber wrapped in mystery and secrecy. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Unlock The Priest Hole Entrance

Follow the precise ritual to unlock the age-old Priest Hole entrance within Botany Manor.

Weighted Brass Plates

In a dimly lit corner of the hallway, you’ll find a set of weighted brass plates.

Nevertheless, each plate corresponds to a specific weight:1oz, 5oz, 9oz and 3oz.

Correct Order

To activate the hidden mechanism, you must place these weights in the correct order.

Generally, the sequence matters: 1oz weight ,5oz weight,9oz weight and 3oz weight

unlock entrance
Follow the precise ritual to unlock the age-old Priest Hole entrance.(Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The Activation

As you arrange the weights in correct order, the floor beneath your feet starts responding.

Once you click, it shifts, and you’ll see a narrow passage leading downward.

The mechanism recognizes this specific arrangement as the key to unlocking the Priest Hole.

Descending Into Mystery

As you navigate towards the new floor, it gets colder, and you’ll see the candlelight casting shadows on the walls.

Significantly, the passage will twist and turn; you’ll listen the echo of the footsteps of the people finding comfort before centuries.

flickering candle
Candle starts flickering casting shadows. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The Actual Priest Hole

At the end of this passage, you’ll find the actual Priest Hole, which is confined and big enough for a person to crouch within its stone walls.

However, you’ll see the marks of many hopeless individuals holding onto optimism while inside.

The Secrets And Revelations Of The Priest Hole

There lies lots of secret and revelations inside the Priest Hole; they are:

Forgotten Manuscripts

There’s an ancient manuscript inside the Priest Hole with faded ink.

However, their words remain a record of prayers, confessions, and forbidden knowledge.

Remember, they may reveal lost rituals or cryptic prophecies, waiting for an fearless soul to decipher.

Relics Of The Past

The stone walls hold relics to aid you for reverence and power. They are a tarnished crucifix, a fragment of bone, a vial of anointing oil.

Significantly, these relics carry echoes of faith and desperation and have healing properties.

priest hole botany manor relics
Relics have healing properties. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Etchings In The Stone

As you rub against the rough walls, you’ll find faint etchings; the symbols, names, and cryptic diagrams.

However, it’ll confuse you if hopeless priests carved them seeking solace, or have a darker purpose?

Thus, you need to decipher to find the real meaning and unlock hidden truths.

The Delicate Balance

Within these ancient stones, you’ll find salvation and damnation.

For some, it offers sanctuary from persecution’s wrath, a refuge in darkness, a fragile thread on life’s treacherous path.

However, other consider it as a tomb, a descent into shadows, where redemption takes place; a dangerous balance can be a beautiful start or a dangerous fall.

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