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“Up To Snuff” Task in Gray Zone Warfare for Collecting VIP List

A list of names to uncover their dark secrets.


  • Up To Snuff’s main objective is to find the VIP list to help Handeshake’s boss.
  • The location to get the list is Hunters Paradie on the north of Firing Lane.
  • Players will get an AR erapon: M4A1 after handing the VIP quest to Handshake.

While begining the journey in Gray Zone Warfare, you can explore the open world or join any factions you wish.

“Up to Snuff” is another mission provided by Handshake, Lewis Pell, who leads the Lamang Operations.

Players can be part of and guide any Vendors, including Handshake quests: First Recon, Restoring Order, and Little Bird Down.

Up To Snuff in Gray Zone Warfare

The main objective of the Up To Snuff task is to locate the VIP client list and hand it over to Lewis Pel.

His boss urged Handshake to find the list to know about the people’s identity and background.

To grab the list, players should initially make their way to the Hunters Paradise by following the map route.

After heading to the North side of the Firing Lane, you will enter the desired location to collect the list.

If players have Froxtrot 2, they can easily swing and reach the green arrow around the map coordinates (160 169).

Hunter's Paradise gray zone warfare
Head to the Hunters Paradise. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Swinging from the back will help players enter the Fench and reach the single-storey building with a yellow Truck in the Parking area and a white car with an open door.

up to snuff gray zone warfare
Search for the yellow truck in Hunters Paradise. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players should enter the house through the main door and enter the first room on the right.

They will get the VIP list on the Top of the Table, near the Sofa and the Window in the dark room.

However, they must ensure to take the VIP list to help Handshake’s boss receive the following rewards;

  • M4A1
  • $5500
  • 1000 Experience Points
  • 150 Handshake Reputation

M4AI Weapon in Gray Zone Warfare

M4A1 is an AR weapon in Gray Zone Warfare, suitable for both close and long range, which fires in both Auto and Single fire mode.

The Gun can be an excellent option for beginners, considering its immense firepower and speed of 800 RPM.

M4A1 has vertical reoil, does not feel too sluggish in use, and weighs around 3.5 KG, with few attachments.

Players can use attachments, including silencers and carriers, to upgrade the weapon. SF3P, RC1, and Socom 3 are a few muzzles and silencers that are equipable in the AR.

Players can easily get the Weapon or the attachments via Gunny Vendor or playing missions.

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