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Uplift The Mood Of Tribesmen In Soulmask With Comfort Level

A pint of beer will do the job.


  • In Soulmask, mood of your Tribesmen determines their working efficiency.
  • Tribesmen are essential for building a thriving base and gathering crafting materials.
  • Players can provide food and drinks and check out their comfort level to increase the Mood of Tribesmen.

Soulmask is a sandbox game developed by CampFire Studio that provides an authentic survival experience with fellow Tribesmen.

Players should monitor multiple factors of recruited Tribesmen like HP, safety, Hydration, recognition, and mood.

Meanwhile, mood is an interesting feature that indirectly affects your camp growth in Soulmask.

Check Out The Comfort Level Of Your NPCs To Maintain Thier Mood

The concept of mood in Soulmask is directly related to the Tribesmen, as the mood of the Tribesmen determines their work efficiency.

Tribesmen are the NPCs in Soulmask; they play a crucial role in your survival and the growth of your camp.

As Tribesmen grow stronger, they can perform jobs more effectively, helping you expand your build.

Tribesmen mood soulmask
Maintain the Tribesmen’s mood by providing food and water. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Their working effectiveness depends on various factors, such as mood, hydration level, morale, and recognition.

Increasing the mood meter level of your Tribesmen will help you protect your clan, craft new materials, and complete the tasks.

Here are the steps that will help you to keep the pleasant mood of your Tribesmen;

Comfort Level And Base Building

The comfort level of your base directly affects the mood of your NPCs. Thus, you must ensure your base is designed for a comfortable stay.

To improve their comfort level, players can follow the below steps,

  • Better structure: Construct a better and stronger base using stones and available wood, making your base a better place for your people and NPCs.
base in soulmask
Build a better structure for your base. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)
  • Keep Spaces: Make sure to keep some large spaces in your base by creating a big wall around the border and making enough spaces inside for the people.
  • Furniture: Keep comfortable chairs, beds, and tables. These items enhance the mood of your Tribesmen.

Diverse Diet

Offer various diets and drinks to your NPCs, which will help prevent boredom and maintain their mood.

drinks and food
Provide diverse drinks and food to the NPCs. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Brewed drinks or alcohol quickly raised their moods. However, each Tribesman has their own preference, so pay attention to what they really enjoy.

Task Preferences

Assign the tasks that align with their likes and try to avoid the tasks they dislike.

You can check their traits icon in the character panel; red traits reduce mood, while green and purple add bonuses.

Some Tribesmen may hate communal living, while others may like it; thus, find out what tasks they like and dislike.

Furthermore, following these will help you maintain NPCs’ moods and see more efficiency in their work when expanding your base or preparing for enemy encounters.

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