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Visit Hunters Paradise To Start Guns And Ammo Quest In Gray Zone Warfare

Demonstrate your tracking expertise in Hunters Paradise.


  • The main objective of the Guns and Ammo quest is to investigate the weapon storage room of Hunter Paradise.
  • Hunter Paradise allows players to participate in other quests, such as True Grit and Up to Snuff.
  • In Gray Zone Warfare’s “Guns and Ammo” mission, players will encounter AI enemies, testing their combat skills.

In the intense tactical FPS game Gray Zone Warfare, the “Guns and Ammo” quest is essential for the Mithras faction.

For this quest, players should visit the firing range in the Hunter’s Paradise area and locate the weapon storage.

Moreover, the “Guns & Ammo” quest in Gray Zone Warfare can be initiated by interacting with the vendor known as Gunny.

Guns And Ammo Quest In Gray Zone Warfare

In the Guns and Ammo mission, players should visit a dangerous location filled with hostiles and search for weapon storage.

To start the mission, you should visit the shooting range of Hunter Paradise, whose map coordinate is 159-168.

gray zone warfare guns and ammo location
Follow the map coordinate to start the mission.

Once you enter the Hunter paradise, you may encounter threats from the AI firing against you to disturb your mission.

Thus, you should kill them all and check their pockets. You should find one key in their pockets that is needed later on the mission.

shooting range in gray zone warfare guns and ammo
Shooting range in hunting paradise.

After entering the location, you will see a mini shooting range; just right next to it, you will see a room that will be the location for you to investigate.

You can recognize the location by seeing the red and white umbrellas with some white chairs around.

warehouse of weapon storage room
The main room for players to investigate.

Enter the warehouse, and you will find the locked weapon storage room. The key you obtained from the hostile will help you unlock the room.

You should unlock the room and investigate it; you may find an equipment box to loot.

weapon storage room
Loot items from AI that will help them to unlock the room.

However, the main objective of this quest is only to investigate the area, but making some loot can also be advantageous.

Thus, you will complete the Guns and Ammo quest of Gray Zone Warfare after entering the storage room.

You will receive the following rewards after the successful completion of the mission,

  • M4A1 Rifle
  • 1000 experience points
  • 150 Reputation
  • 7,800 USD

The Mithras faction also offers another quest, like the True Grit quest in Hunter’s Paradise shooting range.

True Grit Quest In Gray Zone Warfare 

Similar to the Guns and ammo quest of Gray zone warfare, players can start this quest from the Hunter paradise.

First, the player should search for the motel near the Hunter Paradise area on the map at coordinates 161-167.

Players can see the yellow-colored motel, with some white chairs and tables outside, where they need to investigate.

Players need a Hunter Paradise 102 key to enter the motel room, which they can loot from the enemies.

You will find the Case with a Revolver in the motel room, which you must collect to complete the True Grit Quest.

After successful completion of the quest, you will receive the following rewards,

  • 1000 experience points
  • Recon Vest
  • 150 Reputation
  • 7,800 USD

Furthermore, you can use the collected rewards to participate in others’ quests and build strong armor.

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