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Water Plants And Fill Animal Trough In Soulmask

A huge crafting loop.


  • To fill Animal Trough or water the plant, you will need to craft a water tank in Soulmask.
  • Keeping the Tribesman hydrated will require a filled Water bottle.
  • Players can collect the water through the nearest water source by using “E” button.

Water is a vital resource in any survival game, including SoulMask. The fluid is essential for players, animals, plants, and even Tribe members.

Players should first get a container through to provide the water to animals or NPC.

However, players initially need to collect some items and craft the water tank and bottle.

Craft Water Tank And Bottle In Soulmask

Players can craft a few containers in Soulmask including Water Bottle and Water Tank.

To make a Water Tank, players will need to build a Potting Table, which requires the following crafting materials;

  • Clay x25
  • Stone x10
  • Plank x10

You can usually extract Clay ore via Clay nodes near the Water Shoreline. Stones are found through the rocky lands, and planks can be crafted with wood in the Carpenters Table.

potting table soulmask
Build the Potting table. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once the table is built, you must collect the following items to make a Water Tank;

  • Clay x20
  • Leather Rope x2
  • Ceramic Mold x2

Leather Rope is another semi-furnished item in Soulmask, which can be crafted via Loom and requires rough leather and two leathers.

On the other hand, players can build the Ceramic Mold using the Potting Table, which only costs 10 Clays.

If you want to make a Water Bottle instead, you need to navigate to the Knowledge and Technology Tab, which requires these crafting items;

  • Beast Hide x2
  • Fiber x10
  • Thick Rope x2

Beast Hides are easily obtainable by hunting animals, including deer, boars, jaguars, mutant rats, and tapirs.

Players can craft a Thick Rope using three vine plants in the crafting station, whereas players need to harvest plants for fiber.

Fill Animal Water Trough In Soulmask

If you have crafted the water pot, just interact with any water source and Press E to fill the jug.

You must equip the Water Tank like a weapon and press the left-click button to pour water.

water trough soulmask
Fill the Water Trough. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The Tank can hold up to 1000 quantities of water, so you must re-do the process a couple of times to fill the tank.

Water Plants

Watering plants is similar to filling a trough; you just equip the tank, collect the water, and pour it into the field.

farmland water plants soulmask
Press left-click mouse button to water the plants. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Unlike filling up the Water Amount in the Trough, players should look for the amount of Hydration while watering plants.

If the Hydration number is full, adding an extra amount of water is not necessary, so you can look for other resources for your survival.

Provide Water To Tribesmen

Players should consider a couple of things to satisfy the Tribesman, including hydration level, mood, rank, and recognition.

To keep the Tribesmen hydrated, players should have a bottle instead of a water tank.

Keep the Tribesmen Hydrated. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Just handing over the Bottle to the NPC won’t work; you must also fill it out before equipping the item in the character’s Action bar.

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