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Waveplate In Wuthering Waves For Simulation Training

Increase the Energy Core and Resonance Potion.


  • Waveplates in Wuthering Waves are the essential element players can use to complete the mission and level up.
  • Players can use currencies like Crystal Solvents and Astrites to regain 60 Waveplates.
  • The maximum limit for waveplate is 240; you cannot fill more than it in a single day.

Wuthering Waves is a story-rich open-world action RPG that offers the player various resources, characters, and quests for better gameplay.

Waveplate are the stamina system in the Wuthering Waves, which is used to upgrade material and obtain resources.

Moreover, in this action-adventure game, one waveplate is generated in every six minutes.

Waveplate In Wuthering Waves

Waveplates are a crucial feature in Wuthering Waves’s gameplay, also called WP in the game.

Players can store a maximum of up to 240 Waveplates. Similarly, the same amount of Waveplates can be generated in one day.

Waveplate wuthering waves
240 is the maximum Waveplate player will get in a day. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You can refill your Waveplates using Crystal Solvent, which you will achieve by completing the game’s missions.

Use Waveplates On Simulation Training

Simulation training in Wuthering Waves grants you various leveling materials for your character, weapons, and echoes.

These materials will help you to upgrade your character and their skill as well as the game level.

Therefore, you must leave the Academy and the city to use your waveplates in the Simulation training.

city in wuthering waves
Leave the city to find Yhan. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After leaving the city, you will find a blue icon called Yhan on the top right menu of your game, which you need to click.

Then, you will find the character Yhan, who is the simulation training instructor.

When you meet Yhan, you need to decide what you want to farm in the simulation training; that will be helpful for you in further gameplay.

Click on the top right icon to contact Yhan. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players can have different options to farm in the simulation training; some of them are mentioned below,

Resonance Potion

Resonance potion is the potion that can further enhance your frequency perception ability.

Adjusting the mixture ratio makes these potions more suitable for resonators with relatively good control over their Forbes. Resonance potion provides you with 3000 resonator EXP.

resonance potion
Farm Resonance potion in simulation training. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Energy Core

Energy core is a supplement that stores a small amount of Tacite Energy. It can also recharge the core modules of Tacite Weapons.

Furthermore, routine preventative weapons maintenance is the best option for all Resonators who may be caught off guard in an emergency.

Energy core will provide you with 3000 Weapon EXP. As waveplates play an important role in Wuthering Waves’ gameplay, players must use them carefully.

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