What Happens If You Go To Jail In Monopoly Go?

go to jail monopoly go
You Go to Jail from the Chance or Community Chest deck.


  • Go to Jail is like a temporary pause in Monopoly Go, which can be caused by drawing a Go to Jail card.
  • Sell houses or hotels, mortgage properties, or trade with other players if you cannot pay.
  • Raise funds if you can’t pay the $50 after three rolls and lack a Get Out of Jail Free card.

Go to Jail is one of the most frustrating experiences for any Monopoly player.

Moreover, if a player is in Jail, they cannot move their token or participate in any auctions or trades.

Hence, you should avoid landing on the Go to Jail space; try to get your hands on a Get Out of Jail Free card.

Go To Jail In Monopoly Go

Jail is one of the four corner spaces on the Monopoly board.

Players in jail can only collect rent from other players who land on their properties, not their tokens.

Go to Jail is a space on the Monopoly board that sends a player to Jail immediately.

Additionally, you are not required to pass GO or collect $200 if you are released using the Get Out of Jail Free card or paying the fine.

Players will have only three chances to roll doubles to earn a bonus; else, you should pay a fine.

How To Go To Jail In Monopoly Go?

Three main actions can send you to the Monopoly jail, those are:

Drawing A Go To Jail Card

When you draw a card called Go to Jail either from the Chance or Community Chest deck.

These decks contain various cards that can affect your gameplay, including some that send you to Jail.

Even if you have just passed GO, you must immediately move your token to the jail space if you draw one of these cards.

Landing On Go To Jail Space

The most straightforward way to end up in Jail is by landing on the designated Go to Jail space on the Monopoly board.

Moreover, this space is between Marvin Gardens/Piccadilly and Pacific Avenue/Regent Street.

Regardless of your current position or particular circumstances, you are immediately sent to Jail if your token lands on this space.

Rolling Doubles

Another way to find yourself in Jail is by rolling doubles three times in a row.

It doesn’t matter where your piece would have landed based on the doubles; you head to Jail immediately.

However, it is a less common but possible way to go to Jail.

rolling doubles three times in a row
Rolling doubles three times in a row can send you to Jail.

How To Get Out Of Jail In Monopoly Go?

By following these ways, you can get out of Monopoly jail:

Paying A Fine

If you don’t have a Get Out of Jail Free card, you can always have another option to pay a fine to the bank.

This method doesn’t require any additional resources or negotiations. Likewise, to pay the fine:

  • Inform the bank (usually one of the players) that you wish to pay the $50 fine to get out of Jail.
  • Hand over the cash to the bank.
  • Roll the dice and move your token according to the number rolled.

Rolling Doubles

The final method for escaping Jail is to roll doubles on the dice.

This method relies on chance and may require multiple attempts, but it eliminates any financial cost. Likewise, to get out of Jail by rolling doubles:

  • Roll the dice on your next turn.
  • You are immediately released from Jail if both dice show the same number.
  • You cannot roll again after moving; your turn ends immediately.
both dice show the same number
If both dice show the same number, you can escape the Jail.


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