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“What Remains” Task In Gray Zone Warfare For Refugee Intel

Be wary of the UNLRA troops.


  • “What Remains” quest in Gray Zone Warfare requires players to extract a key from UNLRA area.
  • Players can use the key to access the UNLRA Laboratory to access Horrific Recordings.
  • The recording should be handed over to Lab Rat at the Base Camp to obtain rewards including, HpR-S and 2000 XP.

“What Remains” is one of the final tasks of Lab Rat, the medical Vendor provides to players in Gray Zone Warfare.

The Vendor assigns the quest to get UNLRA Group intel, who left some lab equipment while operating in Tiger Bay.

UNLRA possibly was conducting a search on the Refugees with top-level scientists, so there are a few chances players may find something informative.

“What Remains” In Gray Zone Warfare To Find Intel

What Remains quest’s location is the UNLRA camp in Tiger Bay, so you must land at India 2, the closest Landing Zone to the area.

After landing at India 2, you must head South towards the UNLRA Headquarters, which is just opposite UNLRA’s Container Dorms.

However, you should have the UNLRA HQ Lab Key to obtain the document from the Base Camp.

Lab Key

You can usually get the Lab Key from enemy loot around the UNLRA area after defeating them.

unlra hq lab key
Obtain the Lab key from enemy drops. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Getting the lab key might be a frustrating experience as it doesn’t have a specific drop location and mainly depends on the player’s luck.

Nonetheless, if you have a squad or clear most of the UNLRA areas, you can definitely get the UNLRA HQ Lab Key.

Unlock UNLRA’s Laboratory

The UNLRA Laboratory is located right at the Headquarters, whose map coordinates are around (201 132).

unlra headquarters what remains
Head to the green arrow icon on the map. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After reaching the coordinates, players can discover a parking area with a few orange cars and a White Truck.

Players must enter the area, which includes a few garbage bins, multiple rooms, and an open space at the back.

what remains gray zone warfare
Search for the area with the tiny Hndrail. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players should enter the second room on the left by using the Lab key and get the Horrific Recording from the Refrigerator.

horrific recordings
Open the Refrigerator and take the Intel. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players should store the Intel in their Backpack, head to their base, and hand over the Horrific Recordings to Lab Rat to get the following rewards;

  • 3 HpR-S
  • $9200
  • 2000 Experience Points
  • 200 Lab Rat Reputation

Completing the What Remains quest will unlock further quests for the Vendor, including “Spit out the Poison.”

Playing the Vendor’s quest gradually increases the Reputation, which can assist in raising the Vendor Level to get advanced items.

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