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Will Senua Find All The 44 Lorestones For Hellblade 2 Ending?

Context and backstory on Senua.


  • Senua faces challenges like defeating Valravn, fighting Surtr, claiming the sword Gramr, and passing Odin’s trials.
  • To reveal the secret ending, players must find all 44 Lorestones scattered throughout the game.
  • These stones provide Senua’s backstory, details about her mother, and the truth behind her quest

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 takes gamers through darkness, myth, and inner struggle.

With the accidental heroine, Senua, fighting her inner demons, the game weaves an exciting story touching on acceptance, trauma, and psychological problems.

The real ending is hidden behind the lore stones spread worldwide, just waiting for those who dare to find it.

Senua’s Sacrifice And The Ending In Hellblade 2

In Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, the ending is a powerful climax of Senua’s journey.

To explore the ending, Senua needs to defeat Valravn, fight Surtr, claim the sword, Gramr, and pass through Odin’s trials.

She must defeat a large wolf before confronting the goddess of death, Hela.

Moreover, the sword, Gramr, becomes Senua’s weapon and represents her strength and resolve when the god wields it.

Senua has to face the god of death. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

As Senua moves closer to her decisive conflict, Odin’s trials also put her fortitude, mental toughness, and resolve to the test.

Players must find all 44 Lorestones scattered throughout the game to unlock the true ending.

These stones reveal Senua’s backstory, her mother’s fate, and the truth about her quest.

sword Hellblade 2
The sword determines her strength and resolves the instant the god wields it. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

How To Find All Lorestones For A True Ending?

One needs to find all 44 Lorestones to reveal the secret ending; follow the steps below to find them:

The Road To Hel

  • Lorestone 1: Get off the boat at the beginning of the game to locate it.
  • Lorestone 2: There’s a little waterfall nearby; head up the rocks from the shoreline beneath the bridge.
  • Lorestone 3: On the cliffs above the shore after passing through the Rune Door.
  • Lorestone 4: At the Gate to Hel, to the right of the doors to Valravyn and Surtr.
hellblade 2 ending
Senua needs to find all the Lorestones. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Valravyn’s Keep

  • Lorestone 1: In the first area, along the right side amid stone runes.
  • Lorestone 2: It is tricky to get, chase Valravyn to a ruined fort, remove a wall, and climb across to find it.
  • Lorestone 3: It is past the second Raven Symbol door, above the arena.
  • Lorestone 4: In the large ruins with the third Raven Symbol Door, hidden in an alcove.
  • Lorestone 5: Also, in the area with the third Raven Symbol Door; look for a path to the right of the ladder.

Surtr’s Domain

  • Lorestone 1: In the first long valley and take the right path to find a cave past the river.

Contrarily, these hidden stones reveal everything about Senua’s past, her mother, and what is going on with her quest.

Hidden stones reveal a piece of Senua’s past. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

What Happens After Finding Lorestones?

After finding all the Lorestones, it unlocks the “Stories From the North” trophy, a reward for following reasons:

Deeper Lore

Collecting all Lorestones provides more context and backstory on Senua, her mother, and the world of the game.

These fragments, once hidden are the only way to enrich your narrative and further your understanding of the themes carried by the game.

Collecting all Lorestones provides more context and backstory on Senua. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Secret Ending

The true ending of the game only comes after you unlock all 44 Lorestones. It gives mystery and emotional depth, making your journey filled.

If you like to complete games fully, this achievement unlocks the trophy and marks your mastery of exploration within the game.

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