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Worship Container In Soulmask For Crafting Baits

Attract and battle formidable creatures.


  • Players can obtain Worship Container by defeating tribal bosses in Soulmask.
  • Soulmask Interactive Maps is used to locate the barracks and tribal bosses quickly.
  • The bait you craft with Worship Containers is essential for a summoning ritual, performed at a special altar.

In the Sandbox game, players can have tribal lives where they will need to find a mystical mask with unimaginable power.

Similarly, players need to find Worship Containers to craft bait for summoning creatures like the saber-toothed predator.

Moreover, with bait, you attract and hunt animals, which are a source of valuable materials and food for your camp.

Worship Container In Soulmask

A Worship Container is an in-game item that players can collect to help progress the game. Rather than being a collectible item, it has a specific function.

Players can obtain this container by defeating tribal bosses within the game. However, each boss drops a certain number of Worship Containers upon defeat.

Contrarily, it may serve as a key to unlock new challenges and advance your journey in Soulmask.

worship container soulmask
Use ranged attacks using a bow and arrows. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Here are a few ways to collect the Workshop Container effectively in Soulmask;

Use Interactive Map

Initially, use the Soulmask Interactive Map by DaOpa, as it allows you to click on markers to reveal detailed tooltips about various locations.

You can search for specific items, places, and resources using the search button on the top left corner of the map.

barabrian camp
Barracks are marked on the map. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Map Legend

The map includes a legend with points of interest, such as Ancient Pyramids, Ruins, Beast Lairs, and, importantly, Barracks.

Usually, Barracks are marked on the map, making it easier for you to locate them without strangling.

Locate Barracks

Barracks are enemy strongholds where tribal bosses reside. You can find some Barracks in specific locations like the Rainforest.

There, you can defeat the barbarian Tribe Leader to get the Worship Container.

However, other locations, such as Ruins, are often inhabited by Barbarians, and these areas are also marked on your map.

rainforest soulmask
You can find some Barracks in the Rainforest. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Defeat Tribal Bosses

You need to engage and defeat the tribal bosses found within these Barracks. However, you need to reach awareness level 20 and gather the necessary items to spawn the boss.

Further, use the deter ability on a scouting NPC at the Barbarian Camp to reveal the location of the Barbarian Barracks.

deter ability
Use the deter ability on a scouting NPC at the Barbarian Camp. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Moreover, ranged attacks are made using a bow and arrows; try aiming for the boss’s head. Contrarily, upon their defeat, each boss will drop 2 Worship Containers.

Using Worship Containers

These containers are not just loot; they have a specific use. You need to collect them as they are essential for crafting bait.

However, this bait is not for ordinary fishing; it’s used to lure out one of the game’s most formidable creatures.

worship container
Worship Containers are essential for a summoning ritual. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The bait you craft with Worship Containers is essential for a summoning ritual performed at a unique altar.

Generally, it is usually situated in a significant or sacred location within the game world, such as in front of a pyramid.

Contrarily, a fierce jaguar, representing the saber-toothed predator, will appear for you to battle.

Gaining Credit

If you’ve defeated a tribe leader and obtained a Worship Container but didn’t receive credit, there’s an additional step.

You must use the container to craft the bait and then successfully defeat the jaguar that appears to get the credit.

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