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Wuthering Waves Red Mist Elite Enemies And Their Locations

A handful of loots.


  • Red Mist Special Elite Enemies challenge players with enhanced abilities and higher health pools.
  • Red Enemies offer an five star Echo as a reward for their defeat, even at the lowest ranks.
  • Unique enemies such as Diamondclaw and Roseshroom require specific strategies and offer exclusive Echoes.

In a journey through the seas of Wuthering Waves, one encounters the formidable Red Enemies.

Significantly, they are a pantheon of adversaries that challenge even the most seasoned warriors.

These crimson-clad titans are shrouded in the Red Mist and stand as gatekeepers to the game’s deepest secrets and richest rewards.

Red Enemies In Wuthering Waves

In Wuthering Waves, the red enemies, also known as Red Mist Special Elite Enemies.

Significantly, they represent special rank five enemies. Defeating them, even at rank one or Union level one, guarantees players a five-star Echo, which is an artifact.

However, the enemies range from low-level to level 120 and are difficult to defeat, but it is an enjoyable fight.

When you encounter a Red Mist Special Elite Enemy, you’re facing an opponent that is significantly more powerful than the usual enemies you fight.

Red Enemies In Wuthering Waves
Red enemies possess enhanced abilities and higher health pools. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The enemies possess enhanced abilities, higher health pools, and often unique attack patterns that require players to adapt and strategize.

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Red Mist Special Elite Enemies And Location

There are a variety of enemies located around the map, ranging from low to high levels. Stonewall Bracer is an item you can obtain by defeating a specific enemy.

However, you need to spawn at a designated teleportation (TP) point and travel to a mountain top.

Level 85 enemy
Level 85 enemy in Wuthering Waves. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Traffic Illuminator: It is located on Desero Island, near a broken bridge. If you defeat one of the three Traffic Illuminators that spawn, they will grant you a five-star item.

Chaserazor: Players can find it on north of the Central Plains TP point; looks like a car-like monster.

Obelisk Guardian: It is a level 85 enemy that you need to defeat. Upon defeating enemies, you receive achievements and can absorb them to gain “Soul.”

Autopuppet Scout: It is located past a tower and towards a resonance Nexus Tower; defeating this enemy grants exclusive rewards.

Autopuppet Scout
Autopuppet Scout is located near a resonance Nexus Tower. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Viridblaze Saurian: An enemy located outside G show City; defeating it will grant you another item.

Sabyr Boar: Players can find it near a mountain with prisms. Defeating one of the three Sabyr Boars will give you a guaranteed five-star Echo.

Havoc Dreadmane: Located on a small island northeast of a Resonance Nexus Tower under Waring Bay. It’s a solo enemy, relatively easy to defeat, and provides an Echo upon defeat.

Fractsidus: The enemy is found north of the port city of Huanglong. To access this area, you may need to complete a world quest.

Fractsidus is north of the port city of Yu. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Diamondclaw: It is located in a cave that requires a code (2457) to enter. Inside, you’ll face three Diamond Claw scorpions, which are challenging due to their shields and spit attacks. Defeating them grants a five-star Echo.

Roseshroom: Found in a swamp area after heading west from a Nexus Tower. Generally, there are both small and large versions, and defeating them grants the Roseshroom Echo.

Whiff Whaff, Snip Snap, Zig Zag: These enemies are located near a large tree in Dum Forest. They are powerful level 100 enemies that can deal significant damage. Each one drops a different guaranteed five-star Echo upon defeat.

After ranking up, players will also find other red enemies, including Spearback King, Wild Gorilla, Twin Heron, and Prism Heart.

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