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Wuthering Waves “Under The Moonlight Banyan” Quest For Investigation

Be aware of the mysterious monsters lurking around the Dim Forest.


  • “Under the Moonlight Banyan” side quest’s starting location is Violet Banyan in the Dim Forest.
  • Players should investigate the area with help of two NPCs: Bei Shi and Lingyang.
  • 20000 Shell Credit and 20 Astrite currency are the rewards for completing the quest.

Wuthering Waves offers multiple primary, side, and exploration quests with exclusive rewards.

Some of the side quests in the Gatcha game include Under the Moonlit Banyan, Silent History, and Listen to Animals.

The “Under the Moonlight Banyan” unlocks 24 hours after players complete the “When the Forest is no longer Dim” side quest.

“Under The Moonlight BanyanQuest In Wuthering Waves

After learning Jingle Beast’s story in the previous quest, you should scan the Violet Banyan in the Dim Forest.

You can start the quest at the Violet Banyan; try using the Resonance Beacon near the Yellow Icon on the map below.

Head to Violet Banyan. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

If you are using the Resonance Beacon, you can use the glider and jump from the hill.

You need to meet Bei Shi, who must be with a couple of her friends, talking about a mysterious giant creature.

Run Mei will start a conversation; you can either continue the dialogue or jump to the next objective.

The NPC will request you to Investigate around Banyan Tree, try following the “+” icon to reach the area.

violet banyan
Investigate the Violet Banyan. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

While scanning the area, you will come across Lingyang, who seems to be on the top of the giant Branch.

You can converse with Lingyang and just follow the dialogues to end the quest and get the 20000 Shell Credit and 20 Astrite as a reward.

When The Forest Is No Longer DimQuest In Wuthering Waves

If you are yet to complete “When the Forest is no Longer Dim,” you can head to Jinzhou across the Synthesizer.

You can use the Resonance Beacon in Jinzhou, reach the yellow icon on the map, and converse with the anxious researcher.

Head to the researcher’s location. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players need to fulfill the following objectives to complete the quests;

  • Reach the location where the Distress signal was sent, beat the Guarding Exiles, and Investigate the Cage.
  • Extract the Hidden Key from the exiles, Rescue Qiaomu, and enter the Contaminated Zone with the NPC.
  • Use the Sensor to find the missing researcher and enter the first Contaminated Zone.
  • Destroy the Offshoot Cores to grab the Samples, help make antibodies, and enter the third Contaminated Zone.
  • Get Samples by destroying the last Offshoot Core and activating the signal consoles in the research institute.
  • Reach the top of the Giant Banyan Tree at the campsite.

Players will get rewards, including 20000 Union EXP, 100 Astrite, three Advanced Resonance Potions, 36000 Shell Credits, three Advanced Sealed Tubes, and a Synthesis Recipe.

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