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Wuthering Waves “Wait For Goto” Quest To Defeat Tacet Discords

Reach the peak of the tower.


  • Jedi offers “Wait For Goto” quest, where players must reach the tower and defeat Tacet Discords.
  • A separate chest drops after beating TDs, with items including, Tyro Sword and Basic Energy Core.
  • Astrite and Medium Energy core are the rewards after comppleting the quest.

Wuthering Waves offers multiple main, exploration, and side quests with tons of rewards.

Wait For Goto, The Eternal Concert, Shooting Party, Camp Raid, and Shooting Party Photos of Jinzhou are a few side quests players can start.

Players must appear as duty guards after initiating the “Wait For Goto” quest.

Wait For Goto In Wuthering Waves

The starting location for the Wait For Goto quest is the north side of the Tower of Adversity, which is an end-game area.

Players will find Jedi once they enter the grey tent, just across the file near the water area.

Wait for Goto
Reach the tent to meet Jedi. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once players interact with Jedi, the character grants the quest, in which players must initially climb the watch tower.

Reach The Top Of Watch Tower

Players should follow the “+” icon by searching the ladder on the other wall of the tower across the ground.

Once you are at the peak, another objective unlocks, where players must defeat the incoming Tacet Discords, which are the source of echoes.

Defeat the Tacet Discords. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players have to kill three enemies who should be “walk over the park,” considering they are quite easy to beat.

Moreover, players can easily slice all Discords simultaneously or take their time to kill the Discord one by one due to no time limit.

Open the blue chest for drops. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

A Standard Supply Chest will drop once players kill the enemies, which consists of the following items;

  • Wood-textured Shard x2
  • Basic Energy Core
  • Tyro Sword

Players will also get separate rewards for just completing the side quest;

  • Union EXP x20
  • Astrite x10
  • Shell Credit x3000
  • Medium Energy Core

Wood-texture shards are the currency used in the Sovenier store; the basic energy core provides 1000 weapon EXP, whereas the Tyro Sword has 22 base attack damage.

Moreover, Union EXP is a game progression system, Astride and Shell Credit serve as currencies, and Medium Energy Core provides 3000 Weapon EXP.

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