YouTube Revanced Extended History Not Working On Android

youtube revanced
Youtube revanced is facing issue with History settings.


  • Youtube Revanced Eztended’s latest version v40 APK is showing no history
  • The issue persists for the videos rather than youtube shorts
  • Revanced Extended’s latest patch could resolve the history issue.

In YouTube Revanced Extended, users are facing an issue with their watch history.

Despite using the app regularly, their watch history remains stagnant, failing to reflect their recent viewing activity.

Fortunately, solutions like updating the app and clearing the cache can help users to fix this problem.

YouTube Revanced Extended For Customizable Options

Revanced is a modular patcher for apps such as YouTube and is similar to its predecessor, Vanced.

These modular patchers typically provide additional features and customization options beyond what the original apps offer.

It operates differently from traditional modded apps by using open-source patches rather than distributing proprietary files.

YouTube Revanced app is based on the Vanced project, which is an open-source initiative aimed at improving the YouTube experience
YouTube Revanced app is based on the Vanced project, which is an open-source initiative aimed at improving the YouTube experience. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

However, YouTube Revanced Extended is a modified version of the official YouTube app that builds upon the functionality provided by Revanced.

It is developed by a community of volunteers as an open-source project, allowing users to contribute to its development.

Like Revanced, it utilizes open-source patches instead of distributing proprietary files.

This allows users to customize their YouTube experience by selecting patches and applying them to the app using the Revanced Manager.

For rooted devices, YouTube Revanced Extended can directly replace the original YouTube app with the patched version.

On the other hand, it installs the patched app under a different package name on non-rooted devices.

Thus, it ensures that users can enjoy the modified features without interfering with the original app. 

Revanced Extended History Not Working on Android: Potential Causes

Users who have been using YouTube Revanced Extended are facing some issues, as their watch history isn’t updating.

The watch history is updated on the regular app but not on YouTube Revanced, except for shorts.

However, it can be frustrating for users as their watch history is essential for tracking their viewing activity if Youtube Vance is not working.

It has disrupted the user experience and made it challenging to access personalized recommendations on YouTube. Here are some likely reasons for this problem:

App Configuration

Users must ensure that the watch history is enabled and properly configured within the app settings.

Sometimes such an issue occurs when the watch history feature within YouTube Revanced Extended might be misconfigured or disabled.

App Bugs Or Glitches

Like any software, YouTube Revanced Extended might have bugs or glitches that affect its functionality.

These bugs might arise due to various reasons such as conflicts with other apps or system settings.

Device Compatibility

Compatibility issues with Android versions might also cause problems with watch history syncing in YouTube Revanced Extended.

Hence, users must check if their device is compatible with the app and if there are any compatibility issues.

Fixes To Revanced History Not Working Issue

Here are some potential fixes that users can attempt to resolve the watch history not working in the YouTube Revanced issue;

Check App Settings

Users must ensure that the watch history feature is enabled within the settings of YouTube Revanced.

Hence, they should navigate to the app’s settings and verify that the watch history is ON.

Clear App Cache And Data

Cached data or corrupted app data can sometimes interfere with the proper functioning of the watch history feature.

However, users can try clearing the cache and data of YouTube Revanced in their device settings and then restarting the app.

Update The App

Users must ensure that they are using the latest version of YouTube ReVanced.

However, updating to the latest version may fix any existing issues with the watch history feature.

Check Network Connection

Poor internet connection or network-related issues could prevent YouTube Revanced from syncing watch history data properly.

Users should ensure a stable Wifi or Data connection while using the app.

Report The Issue

If users have tried the above steps and are still facing the issues, they should consider reporting the issue to the developers.

Providing detailed information, including device details and app version, can help the developers identify and address the issue more effectively.


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