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Amorphous Material Pattern: Bunny In The First Descendant

A fairly simple unlock process!


  • Amorphous Material Pattern: Bunny is one of the crafting materials alongside Stabilizer, Enhanced Cell, and Spiral Catalyst to unlock Bunny.
  • The Bunny Pattern helps to get Bunny Suit Basic Materials 2 in The First Descendant.
  • You can get the Amorphous Pattern after beating the GraveWalker in Void-Intercept Battles and use it to get the Bunny code.

Bunny is one of the 14 playable characters in The First Descendant, which launched globally on July 2, 2024, after running multiple betas.

The character is one of the best-starting descendants in the looter-shooter game, alongside Viessa and Lepic.

However, you will still need to collect and extract a few research materials, including the Amorphous, to get the characters.

Amorphous Material Pattern: Bunny To Get Code The First Descendant

Bunny is the S-tier character who specializes in quick moments and area-based attacks.

To unlock the Bunny, you should initially obtain Bunny Enhanced Cell, Bunny Stabilizer, and Bunny Spiral Catalyst for Bunny Suit Basic Materials 1.

bunny descendant
Craft three materials to obtain the suit. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you arrive at the Fallen Theatre in Kingston, you can eventually interact with Bunny and start the quest.

Collect Research Materials

You can get the Enhanced cell after completing the “Vulgus Field Generator” quest in the Fallen Theatre by beating the Elite Storm Warrior.

For the Stabilizer, you must progress to “Leads for the Future” and complete the “the Magisters Lab” task.

Whereas, for the Spiral Catalyst, you need to start a battlefield mission: Vulgus Data Transmitter and collect the information storage.

bunny suit basic materials 1
Complete Vulgus Data mission to collect Spiral Catalyst. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Finally, you can search for the “Amorphous Material Pattern: Bunny” to obtain Bunny Suit Basic Materials 2.

Beat GraveWalker And Get Amorphous Pattern

Unlike other items, you can earn the Amorphous pattern quite easily just by completing the Slumber Valley task and beating GraveWalker.

You will have three Amorphous Material Options; select the Amorphous Material Pattern: Bunny, shape it, and obtain the Bunny Code.

bunny amorphous material the first descendant
Pick the third option. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you have gathered all the research materials, you can visit Magisters Anais at Albion to obtain Bunny.

Unlocking Bunny will take just one minute and require 400000 Research costs; you can also use the Boost Research cost for immediate Descendent crafting.

You can specialize in upgrading the Bunny and focus on builds: Modules, Reactor Stats, and unlock the best weapons.

Nimble Fingers, Electric Master, and Electric Specialist are some of the best modules, whereas Lighting Emission should be Bunny’s best active skill.

You can combine the skill sets with any weapon, Thunder Cage or Nightmare Reaper, and overlap with Tingling Mechanics Reactor.

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