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Coupling HDR with UHD Sets Parameters for Next-Gen Pay TV

Notwithstanding the disruptive intrusion of high dynamic range (HDR) technology into distributors’ preparations for Ultra HD services, the next-generation TV picture is starting to...


“Business Or Pleasure” Quest In Gray Zone Warfare To Retrieve Intel

HIGHLIGHTS The "Business or Pleasure" quest in Gray Zone...

Dynamic Advertising on Live TV Is Gaining Traction in IP Domain

With Time Warner Cable taking a lead role the pieces are rapidly coming together technologically and strategically to make dynamic advertising on linear channels...

Melinoe Confronts Her Father, The Aggressive Beast In Hades 2

HIGHLIGHTS Melinoe in “Hades 2” inherits ghostly powers from...

Decipher Message Where Is Karl With The Binary Translator In Helldivers 2

HIGHLIGHTS Binary code in Helldivers 2 holds the key...

Fast-Moving Market Unsettles Cable Media Gateway Picture

Manufacturers and their silicon suppliers are jumping through ever more hoops to create media gateways tailored precisely to multiple cable operator strategies even as...

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December 7, 2007 – A new Nielsen Digital Media Manager service will combine Nielsen’s content database with Digimarc Corp.’s watermark tracking network to identify...

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