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Traces Of Mt. Firmament VI Location In Wuthering Waves

Have you completed the main campaign yet?


  • Traces of Mt. Firmament includes nine clues to extract in Wuthering Waves 1.1.
  • Players can get seven photos and collect two traces to complete the event.
  • Traces of Firmament is a Photo clue, located at Truth Seeker’s Pass: Upper Tier.

Wuthering Waves update 1.1, “Thaw of Eons,” has introduced a new location, quest campaign, Resonators, and 5-Star Weapons.

Mt. Firmament is the new area added to the Huanglong Region, where you can extract items including Frostbite and Windchimers.

Moreover, you can also play the location-exclusive event, including Traces of Mt. Firmament.

Traces Of Mt Firmament In Wuthering Waves

Traces of Mt. Firmament requires players to collect nine clues, including traces and photos of the mountain’s location.

However, you must complete the Scale of Memories quest, where you must interact With Uncle Fu in Hongzhen.

To complete the first trace task and unlock the remaining ones, you need to follow the marker and take a picture using the Zoom Camera.

traces of mt firmament
Complete Scale of Memories to unlock Traces of Mt. Firmament. (Source: Screen Plays)

Traces Of Mt Firmament VI

Once you progress through and reach the Traces of Mt. Firmament VI task by completing the Main Quest in Act 3: “Thaw of Eons.”

To initiate the task, you need to head to the resonance beacon marked on the given map.

mt firmament wuthering waves
Use the resonance beacon to initiate the task. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

If you are yet to unlock the specific beacon, you can simply make your way to the cliffs after exiting from Hongzhen.

You can also use the close beacons to reach the area and search for a cave just above the cliff.

cave wuthering waves truth seeker's pass
Enter the Truth Seeker’s Pass: Upper Tier. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

While exploring the past, you will eventually encounter a few enemies, including Silver-Banded Lizards; you can simply avoid them and search for the trace.

You will reach an open area and take another elevator-like cave entrance containing enormous ferns.

When you reach the cave’s farthest point, a new objective will appear: Take a photo according to the clues.

You should reach the tracer icon and click the image of skyglow and suspended rocks.

traces of mt firmament vi
Take the image using the zoom camera. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You can then jump to Traces of Mt. Firmament VII quest by initially using the Resonance beacon located west of Loong’s Crest.

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