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Use Blood Affinity To Enhance Arcane Scaling In Elden Ring

An optional but powerful upgrade!


  • Blood Affinity is a type of affinity in Elden Ring DLC, which plays a crucial role in weapon customization.
  • Applying blood affinity to a weapon enhances its Arcane scaling while adding Bleed buildup attacks.
  • Players can use an Ash of War: Blood Blade to grant the Blood affinity to their weapon.

The Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, has developed different gameplay mechanics, such as Scadutree Blessing and Revered Spirit Ash Blessing.

With these new additions, players can also explore previously existing gameplay mechanics, which are now enhanced with unique features.

In Elden Ring DLC, affinities are the mechanics associated with weapon customization, which has different types, and blood affinity is one of them.

Apply Blood Affinity To Your Weapon In Elden Ring

Affinities in the Elden Ring are the mechanics that determine the armament’s attributes, such as scaling, attack power, and guarded damage negation.

In Elden Ring DLC, Affinities are represented by both an icon in the inventory and as a prefix to the armament’s name.

Players are granted affinities when they use Ash of War in Site of Grace or speak to Smithing Master Hewg.

ashes of war in Elden Ring
Choose ashes of war to grant affinity to your weapon. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

An Ash of War provides different types of affinities to armament: Physical, Magical, and Occult.

All these types of affinities have their subtypes. Blood affinity is one of the subtypes of Occulet affinity.

How To Apply Blood Affinity To The Weapons?

When players apply blood affinity to the weapons, it enhances its Arcane scaling while adding Bleed buildup attacks.

Meanwhile, it decreases other scaling, such as Strength or Dexterity. So, you must choose weapons wisely before applying the blood affinity.

To apply blood affinity to your weapon, you must have a Black Whetblade, which you can find from the Night’s Sacred Grounds in Nokron.

Use Ash Of War

Once you get the Whetblade, you must use As of War to apply Blood affinity to your weapon. For this, you can follow the below steps;

  • Visit any Site of Grace
  • Access to Ashes of War Menu
  • Pick up your desired weapon
  • Choose Ash of War and select Blood Affinity option
Blood Blade in elden ring
Select Blood Blade to apply blood affinity to your weapon. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Every Ash of War in the menu you find might not be compatible with the Blood affinity. Thus, you must choose the right one.

Furthermore, Blood Blade is one of the compatible Ash of War that players can use to apply the blood affinity to their weapon.

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