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Glorious Loong’s Pearl Quest In Wuthering Waves “Thaws Of Eon”

Activate and rotate the Altars!


  • Glorious Loong’s Pearl is a sub-quest under Mirrored Loong’s Pearl in Thaws of Eon update.
  • You can unlock Mt. Firmament to initiate the quest by completing “A New Companion.”
  • Glorious Loong’s Pearl can be completed by connecting the Altar lights and checking the murals.

Loong’s Pearl is one of the character ascension items added in update 1.1 on June 28, 2024, in Wuthering Waves.

The “Thaws of Eon” update has brought a new location, 5-star resonators, Jue Sentinel, 5-star weapons, and a new main mission.

Loong Pearl is an item exclusive to Mt. Firmament, the new area behind Jinzhou’s southeastern sea, and is also associated with quests.

Glorious Loong’s Pearl Wuthering Waves

Mirrored Loong’s Pearl is one of the exploration quests with multiple sub-quests, including Glorious Loong’s Pearl.

Boundary of Yellow and White, Where the Waterfall Meets, Among the Shoals and Island, Peak of Arch-Shaped Rock, and Glorious Loong’s Pearl: The Last Right are other sub-quests in the mission.

Players should initially unlock the Mt. Firmament by completing Chapter 1 Interlude, “A New Companion,” to start the Glorious Loong’s Pearl.

Once you unlock the new region, you can start the sub-quest, where you must help young women fulfill the Rite of Offering.

Use The Resonance Beacon

You can use the Resonance beacon of Xuanji Ridges, eliminate a few enemies, and check on the Young Lady.

mt firmament wuthering waves
Head to Xuanji Ridges in Mt. Firmament. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players should deliver the Milky Fish Soup to feed the women if they have one in the inventory or prepare it via the closest cooking station with the following ingredients;

  • Fish x1
  • Angelica x1
  • Perilla x1

Once you deliver the soup, you can start a conversation with Abby and unlock another objective: Activate Altar.

Activate And Rotate Altars

You can Activate the Altar by using the “F” key. Moreover, to connect the light path, you must rotate the next Altar, close to the cave.

You can locate the altars by following the blue marker and rotating until the light connects.

Once the Altars connect, players should check on the Murals on the Wall and finish the light of the offering.

You can reach the area by following the trackers. Moreover, you also need to Align the Pearl with the Loong’s Mouth.

loong pearl wuthering waves
Adjust the Pearl with Loong’s mouth. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

To complete the challenge, you can simply adjust the camera angle by aligning it with the light and start dialogues with Shicheng. You can get the following rewards once completing the challenge;

  • Union EXP x200
  • Premium Resonance Potion x2
  • Shell Credit x20000
  • Astrite x40
  • Advanced Sealed Tube x2

Players can start the next quest, Boundary of Yellow, where they need to connect the Lightpath with the Altar of Radiance again.

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