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“Lores Beyond The Ranges” Quest In Wuthering Waves 1.1 Update

Search collectibles until the official quest release!


  • “Lores Beyond The Ranges” is one of the area quests of the Huanglong Region in Wuthering Waves.
  • The side quest was added along with four other missions, including Kaleidoscope of Hingzhen and Spring Adventures.
  • The quest will most likely be playable after the banner release of Changli on July 22, 2024.

Lores Beyond the Ranges is one of the side quests added in the 1.1 “Thaw of Eons” update.

The side quest can be completed in the Mt. Firmament, the newly added area in the update.

Unfortunately, Lores Beyond the Ranges has no quest or area description, unlike Glorious Loong’s Pearl.

Lores Beyond The Ranges” Quest In Wuthering Waves “Thaw of Eons”

Wuthering Waves 1.1 has brought massive updates, from adding main campaign storylines to new resonators.

The patch also introduced new five-star weapons: Ages of Harvest (Broadblade) and Blazing Brilliance (Sword).

Whereas “Lores Beyond the Ranges” is one of the area quests in the Huanglong Region.

Lores Beyond the Ranges is an area quest in Mt. Firmament. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Dance Dance Chelonian!, Kaleidoscope of Hingzhen, Spring Adventures, and Scale of Memories are other side quests added to the update.

Like “The Fabled Magnetic Cube Mechanics Prelude,” the Lores Quest may require players to complete previous missions.

Players can start the quest in Mt. Firmament; however, the exact location has yet to be announced, but it is potentially a daily quest.

Nonetheless, you can still complete other main quests in Mt. Firmament or explore the map for gold chests, Frostbugs, Windchimer, and supply chests.

Collectibles In Mt. Firmament

During exploration, you can encounter 10 Frostbugs, collect 61 Windchimers, and obtain over 180 Chests.

windchimer wuthering waves
Windchimers allow players to convert sound into energy for improved tones. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The Frostbugs are usually around the Ice Piles and usually hide themselves when you approach close.

So, players should try to attack them from a long range and search for them, mainly on the shores, hot springs, and waterfalls in Mt. Firmament.

For the Windchimer, you can simply shoot the item precisely to insert it into the inventory.

You can reach till Level 6 to collect rewards, including Caltrop Stir Fry Recipe, Rover Spectro Waveband, Sweet and Sour Pork Recipe, and Stories of Guqin.

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