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Elden Ring “Shadow Of The Erdtree” DLC Final Boss Leaked Online

Hopefully, it's not the final boss.


  • Elden Ring: Shadows of the Erdtree’s probable Final Boss’s Video surfaced online on platforms including X and YouTube.
  • In response, the official handle of Elden Ring urged fans not to spoil any potential DLC content to other players.
  • To start the DLC, you will need to beat Mohg and Radahn in the base game.

Elden Ring is probably one of the best RPG games of all time, whose one and only DLC will be released on June 21, 2024.

The DLC will cost $40 to start your journey with the Tarnished, and you will need 80 GB of free space.

With high anticipation for the expansion, the game’s ending may have leaked online, spoiling content for fans who waited over two years.

Elden Ring “Shadow Of The Erdtree” DLC’s Potential Final Boss Video Leaked Online

As the DLC date approaches, FromSoftware faces mixed reactions from Elden Ring fans for spoiling the content, namely The Final Boss.

The Developers most probably distributed the copies exclusively to a few testers for early access to the DLC, and one of them may have leaked the content.

FromSoftware Asks Fans To Be Mindful Of Spoilers

With the leaks circulating online, Elden Ring’s official handle requested players not to spoil the DLC content.

Amid the possible Final Boss leak of Shadow of the Erdtree, Elden Ring may just approach preventive action, the same as the official release of the base game.

The leaked online videos of the so-called “Final Boss” all over social media may not be 100% true.

But when the character appears in the DLC, it may no longer be a suspense, spoiling fun for Hardcore fans.

Keeping this in regard, we don’t wish to spoil Elden Ring fans of any DLC content and hope players will begin their journey with the Tarnished with a bit of mystery.

To access the expansion, you must complete a few prerequisites: defeating the Mohg, Lord Of Blood, and Starscourge Radahn.

Once you overcome the bosses, you should approach the Mummified Arm in Mohgwyn Palace, Cacoon of The Empeream.

withered arm elden ring
Interact with the Statue to start the DLC. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You can expect new weapons and hints of easter eggs in the DLC, as per Hidetaka Miyazaki.

As the DLC is 80 GB, players can expect at least 20 hours of gameplay to complete the main campaign.

Meanwhile, performing side activities may take extra hours, which should be filled with even tougher bosses.

Players can also Preload the DLC and start the journey after the global release to access the Land of Shadows.

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