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Get “Pop-Up Plunder” Chest Clue In Sea Of Thieves Via Social Channels

A final chance to collect the treasure.


  • In Pop-up Plunder community activity, you can earn treasures including Collector’s Chest and Chest of Fortune.
  • After the official in-game notification appears, players have to search clues on game’s Social Channels.
  • The last Pop-up Plunder will be available till 8am UTC (1am PT) in Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure game that often releases community events occasionally.

Rare yet again launched another community weekend for Season 12, on June 15, which will run till June 17 (11:00 UTC).

Pop-up Pluder, Picture Walls, and Raid Voyage are some of the activities in the event.

Sea of Thieves Pop-Up Plunder In Community Event

In the Community Weekend, players can watch any Sea of Thieves streams on Twitch to increase their emissary grade and earn exclusive rewards.

The rewards include reputation, gold, seasonal renown, Allegiance, and Guild Reputation.

If you invest more time watching the streams, you can get over double the reward, but linking Twitch is necessary.

pop-up plunder
Get the Treasure using the clues. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players can also get Twitch Drops, including the Stormy Sea Dog Concertina, Eastern Winds Sapphire Silken Gloves, Sage Sea Dog Bucket, and Eastern Winds Sapphire Padded Belt.

Besides Twitch, you can also log in to collect the flag and get a Pup Emote during the community event.

Collect Pop-up Plunder Chests Using Clues

In the Pop-up plunder event, players must find the treasure clues via the Sea of Thieves Social Channels, including Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube.

The Pop-up Plunder will be visible only after the official announcement and can contain items such as Collector’s Chest, Chest of Legends, and Chest of Fortune.

Until then, players should use the clues obtained from official channels and dig them until the location shifts.

You will get an in-game pop-up notification, but you will only have an hour to get the Treasure.

community event treasure sea of thieves
Search the clues and dig up the treasures. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

If enemies take the Treasure right in front of your eyes, you can still snatch it from their hands, but be ready for other crew to interfere and expect a bloodbath in the server.

Players who cannot obtain the Pop-up Plunder can still get the Treasure by switching the servers, but only if the Treasure is not looted.

The last Pop-up Plunder will be available till 8 am UTC, whose exact location is on Ashen Reaches.

If you are in the cave of bones to the North, you will find the storage crate right in front of the three skull rock paintings with bones on either side.

pop-up plunder sea of thieves
Obtain the Treasure from Ashen Reaches. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players who are unlucky in this specific activity can enjoy Pirate Walls, where they can create a snapshot by visiting different outposts.

Moreover, you can also enjoy Raid Voyages, which is among the World events to extract treasures and fight mighty Skeleton Captains.

However, you must unlock the Reputation Levels to access the events and play any quest via the Quest Table.

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