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Elden Ring DLC Ending Won’t Impact Main Campaign Plot

DLC will have multiple ending.


  • “Shadow of the Erdtree,” could introduce new endings, possibly related to the character Miquella and may address unresolved issues.
  • The “Shadow of the Erdtree” will introduce eight new weapons including Great Katanas, Thrusting Shields, and Throwing Weapons.
  • DLC will include new magic spells and a new system introduced called “Shadow Realm Blessing”.

The Elden Ring DLC, titled “Shadow of the Erdtree,” is scheduled to be released on June 21, 2024.

The RPG has expanded the lore of this enigmatic universe and reached a conclusion that leaves players wondering about the Lands of the Shadows.

The new Elden Ring DLC endings will fit into the original game’s ending sequences, as some of the base game’s endings seem like definitive conclusions.

Elden Ring “Shadow Of The Erdtree” DLC Will Feature Multiple Ending

The base game of Elden Ring has six endings. However, the upcoming expansion “Shadow of the Erdtree” for Elden Ring will have fewer endings.

There are rumors and claims of leaks regarding the final boss of the Elden Ring DLC, “Shadow of the Erdtree.” However, the honesty of these leaks is questionable.

Elden Ring game director and FromSoftware studio head Hidetaka Miyazaki says that the finale of a full-fledged game like Elden Ring, the DLC, does not have a definitive ending.

They suggest fans be careful of spoilers but have not directly confirmed or denied leaks.

 new endings Miquella
There is an ending related to Miquella. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After completing a DLC expansion, such as Bloodborne’s The Old Hunters or Dark Souls’ Artorias of the Abyss, the player will return to the base game instead of receiving an extended list of credits as with the main game.

DLC may occur during the main story, solve the unsolved issues, and have new endings related to Miquella, with several branching narrative pathways compared to base game endings:

Age of Fracture

In the “Age of Fracture” ending, you will interact with Marika’s fractured corpse and select the option to “Mend the Elden Ring.”

Your character, the Tarnished, takes on the mantle of Elden Lord, signifying a new beginning for the realm.

Age of the Stars

In the “Age of the Stars” ending, you complete Ranni the Witch’s questline and summon her after defeating Radagon and the Elden Beast.

elden ring dlc
A new system called “Shadow Realm Blessing” has been introduced. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Summoning Ranni allows you to aid in her creation of a new celestial order independent from the Greater Will’s influence. Your character becomes Ranni’s mate.

Age of Duskborn

Completing Fia’s quest grants you the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince. It can mend the Elden Ring and usher in the Age of Duskborn.

This ending reestablishes the principle of death in the Lands Between, countering the Golden Order’s disruption of mortality.

Given some clues from the art for “Shadow of the Erdtree,” this ending may be considered canon for the DLC.

Age of Order

The “Age of Order” ending happens when you finish the quests of Goldmask and Brother Corhyn and use a special rune to fix the Elden Ring.

This ending is about making the Lands Between a place where everything has its right place and purpose.

Elden Ring  dlc new weapon
Elden Ring will introduce eight new weapon types. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Blessing of Despair

“Blessing of Despair” ending in Elden Ring is considered one of the game’s darker outcomes.

The ending is achieved by completing the questline of the Dung Eater, a character associated with curses and decay. You can also obtain a special Mending Rune from the Dung Eater.

Lord of the Frenzied Flame

The “Lord of the Frenzied Flame” ending in Elden Ring diverges significantly from becoming the Elden Lord.

It involves embracing the power of the Three Fingers at the Frenzied Flame Proscription in Leyndell, which infuses you with the Frenzied Flame.

new magic spells
The Elden Ring DLC ending will include new magic spells. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

New Weapons And Magic Spells In Shadow Of The Erdtree

The “Shadow of the Erdtree” expansion for Elden Ring will introduce eight new weapon types.

Some of the new weapon types include Great Katanas, Thrusting Shields, and Throwing Weapons.

The expansion will also feature new equipment, weapon skills, magic, enemies, boss encounters, and plotlines to enhance players’ RPG experience.

elden ring dlc ending
DLC may occur during the main story. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Further, the ending of the Elden Ring DLC will include new magic spells. A new system called “Shadow Realm Blessing” has also been introduced.

It is a consumable that provides a stacking bonus to compensate for some incoming damage and increase the damage dealt to opponents in the Land of Shadow.

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