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Collect “Vertibird Fuel” In Fallout 76 Daily Challenge

Still waiting for the bug fix!


  • Vertibird Fuel in Fallout was one of the quest items to unlock the Expedition mode.
  • Since the item is no longer obtainable, you can’t complete the daily challenge to collect 100 Vertibird Fuel.
  • As Bethesda is yet to resolve the issue, you can use the daily re-roll to get another challenge.

Vertibird is one of the aircraft, a renowned series of vertical take-offs and landings in the Fallout series.

Players can encounter the aircraft across Appalachia and above military installations and workshops.

In Fallout 76, you can even search for the Vertibird Fuel to complete one of the challenges.

Collect 100 Vertibird Fuel Challenge In Fallout 76

In the previous updates, Vertibird Fuel was initially the criteria for Expedition mode. However, it is no longer needed to start the PvE challenge.

Players could complete three whitespring/refuge dailies to collect the fuels to complete the challenge.

The Vertibird Fuel was originally a quest reward but was completely revamped after the release of the Atlantic City, making it impossible to obtain.

If you are getting the same daily task, i.e., collect 100 Vertibird Fuel, it is a bug that is yet to be addressed by Bethesda.

vertibird fuel fallout 76
Collect 100 Vertibird Challenge in Fallout 76’s daily quest is bugged. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Nonetheless, you can still change the daily or even the weekly challenges by using the re-roll consumable.

Bethesda Requests Players To Re-Toll Daily Challenge

The re-roll feature can be used once a day, and if you are a member of Fallout 1st, you can re-roll the quest twice.

As per Bethesda’s Social Media handle, the developers are aware of the issue and requested players to change the quest if possible.

Due to the bug, many players are forced to use the Re-rolls or just avoid the challenge, costing them 250 SCORE points or atoms which negatively impacts the rank.

Players will also struggle to get the Gold Star, as they must complete all six activities besides Vertibird Fuel.

Hopefully, Bethesda will address the issue soon and may provide a compensation reward.

Players can also use the re-roll to switch to another challenge that provides higher points compared to the Fuel task.

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