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“Castle Watering Hole” Location In Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree

Shadow Keep hold lots of secret!


  • Castle Watering Hole is located at the Southeastern direction to the Main gate plaza.
  • Head towards the Main Gate Plaza of Shadow Keep and make your way towards the coffin to discover the Castle Watering Hole.
  • Players must defeat Golden Hippopotamus to discover the Main Gate Plaza in Elden Ring DLC.

Shadow of the Erdtree is the first-ever DLC of Elden Ring, featuring new bosses, locations, and quests.

Gravesite Plain, Shaman Village, and Castle Watering Hole are a few locations players can explore in the DLC.

If you can access the Castle Watering Hole site of grace, you can also reach the Shadow Keep’s back gate and find Commander Gaius.

Discover The Main Gate Plaza Of Shadow Keep To Enter Castle Watering Hole In Elden Ring DLC

Castle Watering Hole is one of the mysterious locations in Elden Ring DLC that players must pass through to get into Ruins of Unte.

Additionally, the Castle watering hole is also the key location where players will find Dryleaf Seal.

To get into this mysterious location, players can start their journey from the Main Gate Plaza Site of Grace of the Shadow Keep.

Players need to defeat the Golden Hippopotamus in order to activate the Main Gate Plaza Site Of Grace.

Defeat Golden Hippopotamus

To encounter the Golden Hippopotamus, players can follow the entrance of the main gate of the Shadow Keep.

Golden Hippopotamus in elden ring
Defeat Golden Hippopotamus and move forward. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

At the entrance, players will see the elevator. Use it to head towards the room located on the upper floor.

Once you reach the room, you will see a Golden Hippopotamus near the Statue of Marika.

Follow The Path Through The Main Gate Plaza

Once you defeat the Golden Hippopotamus, you will discover the Main Gate Plaza Site of Grace.

After discovering the Site of Grace, head northeast and enter the door on the left, where you will find a staircase.

Moving further, you can take the staircase and make your way through the boat with flames on the side.

Fire botas in elden ring DLC
Pass through the fire boats to get the ladder. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Head straight until you see the ladder leading to the watery room on the left. Once you are in the room, take a left turn, where you will find a more extended ladder.

Following the second ladder, you will reach the tool, where you will find the painting. You can grab the painting if you want.

painting in shadow of the erdtree
Look behind the painting to discover a hidden path. ( Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You will see the illusory wall behind the painting, which you destroy to reveal the hidden path.

hidden path in elden ring
Use your weapon to hit the wall. ( Source: Screen Plays Mags)

Once you discover the hidden path, enter through the gate, follow the downward stairs, and search for the Coffin.

The Coffin you are looking for is located at the base. Once you find the Coffin, you need to interact to teleport to Castle Watering Hole.

Coffin in elden ring DLC to find  Castle watering hole Elden ring
Interact with Coffin to discover the location. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you discover the location, you can move to discover the new location, Ruins of Unte as well.

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