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Complete “Enigma Protocol” In Destiny 2 Via “Canopy” Decoder

An encrypted message to get a secret activity.


  • Canopy is one of the first translated messages you should get before you unlock The Enigma Protocal.
  • To get the text, you should obtain the decorder protocol and hop into the Purple Pylon.
  • The second protocol is located at the Tangle; use the decorder to get the mission via Well of Echoes.
Echoes Act 1 has finally begun, offering several exotic class items, new quests, and activities in Destiny 2.

To begin the Enigma Protocol activity in the season, in the Act, you need to get past the Puzzle on the Nessus Planet.

But first, you must activate and initiate the first quest of Failsafe and reach the Nessus.

Destiny 2 “Canopy” Code Using The Decoder

After you arrive at the Nessus, you will encounter a mysterious object near the Cistern Landing Zone.

If you get closer, they will vanish, and a strange message will appear on your screen. You should get the Decoder buff from the activity area and enter the Purple Plate (Pylon).

You will get a decoded message: “Broadcast intercepted….access the grid…where canopy touches sky…atop the Tangled growth.”

Once you are done, move to the Tangle from the Watcher’s Grave and head southwest. The decoder activity is located in one of the trees, which can be seen through the Pylon area.

decoder destiny 2
Enter the decode area. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You should obtain the decoder protocol and enter the Purple Plate again to get the decoded message: “In a descent to a gateway…the echoing Well finds purchase in the Network.”

Well Of Echoes To Get Enigma Protocol

The Well of Echoes is located in the Southwest direction of Tangle and enters the A-shaped entrance.

well of echoes destiny 2
Head to the marked location. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You should drop from the hole on the right, get to the Well of Echoes, enter the portal, and defeat the Compelled Hobgoblin.

A huge area will be unveiled where you should destroy the floating cubes that can be visible or behind the walls.

You should carefully manage the enemies and shoot all the Vex cubes simultaneously to unlock the next marker.

The next marker location is actually “A Hole In The Well”; once you get to the land, enter the room and turn right.

encoded log destiny 2
Unlock the Enigma Protocol Quest In Destiny 2. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You will reach the Mission Signal Arena for the Enigma Protocol Activity in the Encoded Log.

Enigma Protocol Activity

The activity is time-limited, but there’s a workaround to increase the time frame to 30 seconds, either by shooting the yellow glowing object or killing the Archival Timekeeper.

As you start the activity, you should charge up the units by standing on the circular platforms.

While progressing, you should defeat Choral Denial Objects as a part of your objectives and collect golden age data.

enigma protocol
Find the Connection Portal. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

In the Enigma Protocol Activity, you should also complete a few other objectives, including defeating the Ainigmatos, Charge Radiolite Circuits, and searching a portal.

The activity is not too difficult, but time may not be on your side, so keep track while initiating the objectives.

If you manage to wrap up the activity, you will likely get Ascendant Alloys and weapons, depending upon the activity.

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