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Create Hive In Once Human To Share Territory

Warband seems more fun than Hive for sure!


  • Hive in Once Human allows players to share territory to get buffs and combat materials faster.
  • You can create a new Hive or join one, by heading to Team Up menu.
  • Hive has a maximun capacity of eight members; to invite your friends in your space, enter Recruit Member button.

Once Human is a free-to-play survival game that doesn’t just allow one to progress solo and team up with a comrade.

With Hive, you can share the space or territory with other players and form a team to progress together.

Even if your fellow comrade destroys your item, the structures will transfer to the Private Vault.

Form Hive In Once Human For Building Buffs

Hives are one of the essential territory spaces for fast progression, bonuses, and faster item crafting.

If you are in a hive, the territory will be slightly bigger than your personal space for more structured storage.

Whenever you are in the Territory Purification during PvP in the Hive, be sure to team up with the owner, as you won’t get any rewards.

Create Hive For Fast Progress

To create a hive, you should initially launch the Team Up Panel on your menu and select Hive.

hive once human
Pick the Hive option on the menu. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You can create your own Hive as well as join one. If you are creating a new Hive, you should enter a unique Hive name.

Once you create the Hive, you can view the member’s role, Level, and Status. You can directly invite friends before forming a Hive or recruit them after creating one.

hive members once human
The Hive member’s info will be displayed after you recruit them

Hive has a total space of eight members. You can recruit members easily by Viewing the territory information or through Hive Channels.

For faster recruitment, you can opt for Quick Team Up, view the requests, and manage logs. You can even create a unique Slogan and use a Hive Tag.

If you feel the members are constantly destroying your utilities, you can always leave the Hive using the Disband button or remove them.

Hive Vs. Warband In Once Human

A warband is basically a group of Hives working together on a mission and overtaking other’s loot and territories.

Similar to Hive, Warband can be created by heading to the Team Up button and accessing Warband.

warband vs hive once human
Launch the Team Up option to create Warband. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Unlike Hive, Warband has a member space for up to 50 players for a fast-paced PvP to collect resources.

Party members can also attack other Warbands for resources, loot, and other items to strengthen their territory.

Players in Warband also collect materials to rank higher, and at the end of the season, they are rewarded according to their rank.

However, you and other team members must be willing to challenge the Ownership and overcome the Deviants.

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