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Defeat Both Death Knights From Catacombs Of Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree

Clash with the Dual Axe Boss!


  • Death Knight is one of the Secondary bosses in Shadow of The Erdtree, known for its Twin Axe Weapon.
  • Players can find dual versions of this boss and is found in multiple game locations, including Fog Rift Catacombs.
  • Players don’t need to defeat it to advance in the main campaign in Shadow of the Erdtree.

Shadow of the Erdtree is the first DLC of the 2022 action RPG Elden Ring, which has brought new locations and boss enemies to explore.

Scorpion River Catacombs and the Fog Rift Catacombs are some of the locations in Elden Ring, which was added with the Shadow of the Erdtree.

Players will find different bosses in these locations, including Death Knight and Divine Beast Dancing Lion.

Twin Axe Holder Death Knight In Elden Ring: Shadow Of Erdtree

In the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring, you will encounter two Death Knights.

It’s not necessary for players to defeat them to progress forward in the Shadow of the Erdtree.

However, if you wish to fight for the rewards, you can encounter these bosses in multiple locations.

Fog Rift Catacombs in elden ring
Head to the Fog Rift Catacombs to find Death Knight. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players can have multiple fun with this secondary boss because there are two versions of Death Knight in the DLC.

First Death Knight

The first Death Knight boss you will encounter is in the Fog Rift Catacombs, the new location added to the DLC.

Fog Rift Catacombs is the large underground catacombs filled with different types of enemies, including Death Knight 1.

Additionally, this formidable boss wields dual axes, wears dark, battle-worn armor, and has eyes that glow unnaturally.

shadow of the erdtree death knight
Defeat the Death Knight to receive rewards. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players will encounter this Version 1 Death Knight at the very end of the Catacombs in the last room.

Once you encounter the boss, you must prepare yourself for the intense battle by equipping your beast weapon.

During the fight, it will be beneficial for players to dodge his wing attack and make a heavy-force counterattack.

After you defeat the boss, you will receive 110,000 Runes, Death Knight’s Twin Axes, and 3 Crimson Amber Medallions as a reward.

Second Death Knight

Once you defeat the first Death Knight at Fog Rift Catacombs, you can head toward the second Death Knight, which is located at the end of Scorpion River Catacombs.

This second version of the Death Knight is similar to the first but has slightly different attack moves.

second version of death knight with dual axe
Try to avoid the dual axe attack from Death Knight. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The most dangerous move of this second boss is that he tries to grab you in his wings; if he succeeds in grabbing you, he will take away your health and restore his.

Thus, players must not give any chance to the boss to grab them and use their strategy and best weapon to defeat the boss.

Once you defeat the second Knight, you will be rewarded with 130,000 Runes, Death Knight’s Longshaft Axe, and 3 Cerulean Amber Medallions.

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